Work Horse Review and Case Study

Here’s my personal Work Horse Review with the actual Case Study of my website.

I want to start with an issue that I’m having rendering the plugin useless from the start so you really need to focus here and read this blog post… I will also put the links here on my website going directly to and the other resources that way you’ll not be added to any emailing list.

Here are the 3 tutorial videos to start with

Source: YasharGhaffarloo


My case study

I’m using JVZooHost for my websites and run WordPress on it. The domain is about 1.5 years old and I haven’t really done much with it so it was just sitting there doing nothing and after watching the video that Alex Becker sent me via email I was really stoked about this and decided to give it a try to make my website new again.

So I installed the plugin and got the two API codes, saved the settings and nothing…

Well, I wrote the guys on Facebook a message with the issue and it can be that when you host your website on JVZooHost and your WordPress is installed on a subdomain you’ll get the same problem and the only thing you have to do is wait till tomorrow for the update, install the new version of the plugin and try again.

It seems that they have a bug in the system that if it’s hosted on a subdomain it will not work yet…

I hope they will get it fixed soon so that I can talk about the results I’m getting from using the plugin. Time will tell…

For this I have to give this plugin a rating of 0 out of 10 just because it’s not working at all over here, I hope that I can update this review for you asap and you’ll hear from me again in the near future.

Another thing I want to put out is that the theme link is not in the download section and will not be shared anymore as you can see on the snapshot I took from the Source Wave website.


The advanced course are the 3 videos I tutorial videos I shared in this blog post above.

And you can download the WordPress Plugin also here directly from my website but I can’t guarantee that it’s the latest version because this zip file is the one I downloaded from Source Wave after sharing the post which you don’t have to if you use the button below…



First you need to have a Pixabay Account or make one now here at: the account is a nessecaty to be able to use this plugin, you can’t do anything with the plugin if you don’t have an API code from Pixabay.

Just create your Pixabay Account using the link here: (this link doesn’t require you to sign up on some list and bother you with other shit you don’t need to save yourself some time and irritation) or watch the video below and follow the instructions.

Source: YasharGhaffarloo


After creating your account I recommend you to fill out your profile details and upload your picture to show that it’s you and for branding yourself plus another way people can use to connect to your other social media profiles you probably also use at this time. Google likes it and it helps you to get your domain authority higher and you’ll get indexed in the Google search results pages and get your URL’s ranked.

Don’t want to fill out your details? Okay, I’ll move on…

Now with your account created you can either scroll down the Pixabay website and click the API link on the footer or use this link here at: Pixabay API Documentation scroll down till you see what I show you on the image below where your own API code is located and it’s automatically generated directly from your Pixabay Account if you click on the API link on the website’s footer.


Copy and Paste your own API code into the first box of the settings page of the plugin.

You’ll also want to have Google Analytics helping you the best way possible and you need to have a Geolocation API code from Google which you can get for free for a lifetime here at the Google Developers Page

Watch this video before you go on

Source: YasharGhaffarloo


See where it’s located below.


Follow the instructions that Google gives you to create a new Google Maps Geolocation API credential, after you created your new API code Copy and Paste it into the Google API Key box on the plugin’s settings page just below the Pixabay API Key, update the settings and you’re done.

Now if you don’t know what I’m talking about here scroll to the top and watch the second video again for the details and a walkthrough of the plugin’s features.

Please leave me your thoughts, feedback here on my blog below in the comments section, I read every comment and reply to everyone who’s using the internal WordPress Comments feature because it requires you to have an account on my website too and I’ll be able to contact you via email that way and that’s valuable to me… Just for that alone you’ll receive a nice bonus for free emailed to you if you create an account here on my website if you haven’t done that already.


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  1. Thank you very much for leaving me your feedback on my website buddy, I’ll try this plugin one more time after I have installed the updated version and I really hope that it will work now.

    If it doesn’t work this time I’ll go ahead and remove the plugin and keep expanding the website with the Broadstreet Ads Plugin and make it a business listing website and I’ll only focus on using Broadstreet only and get the most out of that one plugin.

    In Worldprofit the business listing sites are called Classifieds, I’m expanding on that idea from George Kosch’s Classifieds with Broadstreet Ads and give businesses Editable Ads, Full Featured Ads without any restrictions and I don’t need to approve the ads so your ads will normally show up within 2 minutes or so.

    I know that it will work because of all the extra advertising possibilities and I’ll keep the navigation as simple as possible, maybe I don’t even add a menu to the site.

    I also would like to talk to you via Skype asap and I appreciate if you make an appointment on my home page using the vCita service.

    Talk to you soon.

  2. I really appreciate that Ricardo’s evaluations don’t just stop at the obvious. He follows through all the way to the end.

    He also correlates the most important information, suggesting other applications that work congruently and employ many of the same steps. This increases our results while saving us a lot of time.

    So, even with a report of a (temporary) failure of one App, a lot of other immediately useful information is packed in this one Post. …A reminder to read Ricardo’s Posts to the end!

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