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This WordPress Ad Widget Plugin was built by Broadstreet, the company for independent publishers.

If you’re a local publisher sign up for the newsletter, and join the community.

To put an ad on your WordPress website, just go to the widgets page in your WordPress back office, and look for:

  • Ad: HTML/Javascript Ad
  • Ad: Image/Banner Ad

Drag one of those into your a widget area, like a sidebar, and follow the instructions! Send questions to .

Here’s a short instructional video on Screenr if you need help:

How to use Broadstreet’s incredibly simple Ad Widget for WordPress

Or watch a more detailed video “Broadstreet Ad Format Demo” below:



New Tier in Broadstreet Ads


Broadstreet XPRESS is an expansive, next-generation advertising platform for publishers who manage their own ad sales. It incorporates features unavailable on competing platforms such as ad blocker invisibility, a free library of turn-key rich ad formats, an impressive array of analytics and reports for advertisers, and plenty of convenience features for publishers.


XPRESS’ pricing isn’t a great fit for the casual blogger. It’s a revenue generation and retention platform for serious news organizations with revenue targets. The increased price compared to the Light tier reflects costs required to develop and run a much more sophisticated infrastructure for features such as analytics, reporting, and white-labeling.

Here is a 20-minute demo — an outline of features is below this.

XPRESS Features

  • Deep Metrics, Tracking and Analytics
  • Custom Ad Metrics
  • Fancy Report generation
  • Exclusive Ad Formats
  • Ad Blocker Invisibility
  • Geo-targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Campaign Status Emails
  • And More…

Read the whole article at the Broadstreet Information Center



Register Your Broadstreet Ads Account Today


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