Trends and Recommendations for 2016

What’s The Trend and what Works this year

How You Can Make Money Online in 2016 and beyond, what you absolutely Must Do and Have to keep your links listed on the number ONE of the Google SERP’s

And I’ll explain How You Can make a Professional Blog in the Internet Marketing Niche and what you need to do to Monetize Your Blog

The only thing I can’t do for you is going into the details of it all because it isn’t relevant to this particular blog post and I also don’t want you to be distracted and go off topic. With this blog post I really want to make clear to you that this is what I’m doing here with this website so it’s a personal case study for our niche and if you just started with Your Professional Blog and want to Monetize it, you will not get the same results because I’m very focussed on SEO for a longer period of time and there are outside factors such as the age of your website will take longer than 8 months for Google Organic Search Results to get indexed and actually show up on the first page at the first place.


Branding, List Building and Authority

The only way to boost that process is with branding because it’s impossible to land on a fake branding page, a brand will always be genuine so this is also the first recommendation that I always have at the first place, really think about your brand and if you want to take a chance you could use a brand name that really stands out from everything else… and why you should use something crazy is because if you at a later point start to email your list you need to have a brand name as the first word on your subject line because that’s how you DOMINATE someone’s inbox.

I’m absolutely sure that everyone will see my brand name in their inbox like this: _SoHarD_dB_w@®Ez_ | And here a short title…

In fact I’ve tested sending out emails with a subject line starting with my brand name has close to 100% open rate instead of an average of 25% open rate up to 75% but never as high with a branded subject line… That’s a big difference, knowing that I will use my branded subject line if I want or need my subscriber to open my email and I also know that Google, Bing and Yahoo don’t filter out my branded emails in the inbox of my subscriber. That’s also a very important thing you need to know if you do any kind of email marketing.


So if you’re not using anything at the moment and just send out emails yourself I highly recommend you to use at least… it’s free to use, its cloud-based so you don’t have to install or have anything installed to use this service… you don’t even have to make an account to use the service, however if you do make an account on the website you have a few extra features you can use.

  • You can make Custom Shortlinks – for branding. only available if you have an account.
  • You can add labels
  • You can see more detailed history (very important to discover trends)
  • I’m sure that I’m forgetting some more stuff you can do with a free account so if you click the following link you’ll open the website to register your account if you haven’t done that already you can do it now and then come back here to keep on reading…

According to this image from a survey done by below – Digital Marketing Trends


This graph shows the results of a survey as of 8 February 2016. The poll received over 1,500 answers.

Here, for your reference, is the full alphabetical break-down of activities which helps explain the results. For example, Big Data is surprisingly high, but this includes market insight and predictive analytics

Trends in consumer purchase behaviour

Following the views from marketers and businesses, changes in consumer use of digital media and technology is core to understanding trends in digital marketing.

The following graphic shows how involved today’s purchase decision is.

Note that this graph is related to people who are buying a new car and represents people in a totally different state of mind as someone who wants to do something in the self-improvement Niche and is searching online for TrustWorthy Resources. The fact that I make sure you see the difference but you can use this graph hypothetically. Your data should be from your own Analytics reports over a period of time so it’s important to at least take the time to have Google Analytics from the start setup for your website, even if you don’t understand how you use the data collected by Google Analytics… I highly recommend that you just take the time to at least have it setup at the most basic level (the data already collected does make sense to other people who can teach you or do it for you).

But I don’t want to go into all the details because it’s not related to this graph and topic… Well according to the graph below Over a 35 day period it averaged 9 visits to 5 different websites amounting to 34 minutes in total. The influence of online channels is clear with 82% of purchasers researching online against 4% using offline only.


Increasing mobile usage

This year I have also seen a continued strong growth in mobile use, shown clearly by Mary Meeker’s annual mobile trends round-up from earlier in the year. So, unsuprisingly, the use of mobile marketing will continue to be one of key trends to follow in 2016.


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