Traffic Training (Members Only)

This is the first complete 24 hour traffic training course I’ve put together for you…

The resources and the videos are listed below, I recommend to put away all distractions. Put your TV off, social media off and also your phone off to focus completely on this Traffic Generation Course. There are 10 sessions, each session is on a separate page with the video first and below that I’ll put the resources mentioned in the videos again for your convenience and I will add some extra recommended resources also on the sub-pages to keep everything up to date following the latest trends.

This list is the 24 Hour Traffic Plan – 10 Video Sessions with PowerPoint Presentations & Resources

You can only see the links to the pages if you’re not logged into your account the actual content on all pages except #1 is restricted content and can’t be accessed without an account, you need to register first and make sure that you’re logged in before you start with lesson 2.

  1. Session 01 24 Hour Traffic
  2. Session 02 On-Page SEO
  3. Session 03 Article Marketing
  4. Session 04 Online PRWP SEO
  5. Session 05 Social Bookmarking Web 2.0 Properties
  6. Session 06 Video Marketing
  7. Session 07 Online Software Marketing
  8. Session 08 Web 2.0 Properties Photo Sharing
  9. Session 09 Link Building
  10. Session 10 Consulting Business



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1. Don’t spend a huge amount of time fiddling with your site.  If you like to make a few changes but realize that it works as is.  Your job now is to use the tools and resources we provide to promote and generate leads and traffic.   Your time is better spent generating traffic and leads and learning how to make money by following our training.

2. Landing pages are MORE important for promotion purposes than your actual main page of your website. More on this in the lessons about Landing Pages and promotion. Landing pages are one of the most effective ways to generate leads and we provide you with lots and lots of these.

3. There are a tremendous number of SEO tools included in your Membership, these are independent of your Website. Spend some time in your BackOffice to see all the tools at your fingertips.

Keywords assigned to this lesson for easy search terms:  website design, website designs, website templates, change your template (this can’t be done on pages in WordPress normally but if you install the All-In-One SEO Pack you can add the keywords even to pages)


Also, check out my highest recommended traffic exchange sites and other internet marketing resources below…

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I’m the Co-Founder of the sites below starting with InstantAds4Me all the way to the ViralBuilder, that’s 10+ traffic generating websites that you can start using today.




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