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If you are a Vendor looking for a safe place to host your own products and have Affiliates to do the promoting for you, or you're looking for High Converting Offers and want to promote those as a JVZoo Affiliate you're at the right place!


Get paid instant commissions direct to your PayPal account by promoting any of the products in the JVZoo marketplace. Say goodbye to all other third party seller tools. JVZoo incorporates everything you need in one convenient place. You don't even have to own a website because you can leverage JVZoo and just use their ultra fast host for that.

To make it easier for you to understand what you can do with JVZoo and to find out if JVZoo is something that you can use for your online business I've made a step-by-step training for you here on this blog post and it's a two part training, one for Product Vendors that I will write in the next blog post because if I would write it here this would be a too long article for you to read. The part for the JVZoo Affiliates training is this one and starts below.

There are just a couple important steps that you need to follow to understand how this system works and that way I'm sure that you got the most important stuff you need to know about JVZoo.

I hope with this information that it's a little less complicated for you and that it will help you to overcome your hurdles if you're stuck with your online business as a Product Vendor or a JVZoo Affiliate.

As a JVZoo Affiliate I recommend you to subscribe on their website to their email service because Affiliates Get Notified Of High Converting Offers!


JVZoo Platform Training

To keep this training light and and easy I only took the most important videos from the JVZoo YouTube Channel and put those is some kind of logical order so it makes sense to you. The JVZoo Platform Training  is for Affiliates and Vendors.

JVZoo just updated some videos and a few that I shared here on my website were obsolete and aren't there anymore so I needed to revamp this blog post for you to make sure you have the latest information available.

Step 1. Setting Up Your Account on JVZoo, PayPal and Stripe & Protecting Your JVZoo Account

In this first video, we will show you how to set up your vendor profile page.

Protecting Your JVZoo Account

In this video, we will discuss how to protect your JVZoo account.

The default setting for purchases through JVZoo is in US Dollars.  In order to collect sales in USD, you must first set your Paypal account to accept USD as a currency.  You must also keep a balance in USD ($1 will usually be sufficient).

In order to set your Paypal account to accept USD sales, you will want to log into the Paypal account you have set to collect sales.  You will then click on the “My Account” tab.  On the submenu that comes up, you will click on “Profile”.  When the next page comes up, click the link on the left side of the page that says “My Money”.  This will open up a menu on the right.  Go down to section that reads “Balance” and click on the “More” button.  This opens up a dropdown menu, where you will want to select “Currencies”.

On the “Manage Currencies” page that comes up, you will see a dropdown box.  You will want to choose “US Dollars” from that dropdown menu, then click the “Add Currency” button right next to it.

Once you have completed that, your Paypal account is now ready to accept payments in USD.

Setting Up PayPal in JVZoo

In this video, we will show you how to setup your paypal in JVZoo.

Why JVZoo needs to access your PayPal Account?

This is a big concern for many people because the wording of it on PayPal's site is kind of scary and not many systems are using this yet.  Let's see if we can explain it in such a way to ease your concern.

Permission: Issue a refund for a specific transaction.

JVZoo uses PayPal's high end payment system known as Adaptive Payments. In order for PayPal to approve JVZoo to use their Adaptive Payments services, the JVZoo system must be able to process refunds for all transactions that it processes.  Payments are processed using Chained Payments where multiple people are getting paid on each purchase.  In order for all parts of the Chained Payment be refunded, the system must have refund access to your PayPal account.

NOTE - We can ONLY refund transactions or monies that we have put into your account and there is no way to do double refunds.  You account is completely protected.

Permission: Obtain information about a single transaction.

When orders are placed, vendor's want the JVZoo system to notify their software of purchases and refunds.  This allow for user accounts to be created instantly and without human interaction and also disabled on refund.  This is great for the customer because they get instant access to their purchases without any delay.

In order to pull this information, we must be able to pull the purchaser's name and the product name from within PayPal.  To do that we need the ability to obtain that information from the transaction we placed in your PayPal account.

NOTE: We can ONLY pull transactions for transactions that we have the PayPal transaction Id which again is ONLY the transactions that we put into your account.  It is impossible for us to see anything that we did not put there and have the transaction id for.  We CANNOT see or search your history or anything about your account.

Permission: Access your PayPal contact information.

You are granting us these permissions because they are required for JVZoo to be safe and secure for buyers and sellers.  However, the only way to verify that you have granted these permissions is for us to be able to poll your PayPal account for your name and PayPal address and compare it to what we have on file.  Yes, this is a very weird way to verify the permissions, but you can ask PayPal - it is the only way.

So this permission allows us to verify that you have given us these permissions.  This is required so we can validate that every single user on the system is following the rules and allowing for the system to work as designed.

NOTE: We can ONLY pull your name, PayPal email address, business name, country code and payer id.  NOTHING else.

Granting permissions like this is sanctioned by PayPal and required on our part in order to use their Adaptive Payments system.  This can be verified with PayPal and many customers have done just that.  They will not allow any abuse of your account or they would not allow these services to be used.  They built this system just for these purposes.

JVZoo has an impeccable reputation as a growing world class affiliate network.  We would not have ten of thousands of happy users if we did anything unethical or against PayPal rules.  PayPal has reviewed our system and personally approved our system.  We have their blessing and follow all of their rules - with these permissions we can make sure that all of our users do too.

We hope these explains the permissions we are requesting to your PayPal account.  You can see the access is very limited and specific.  However, if you are still not comfortable with this and you do not trust that PayPal will verify everything stated here, then please do not use our system.  We are processing 1000s and 1000s of transactions a day for our users, but they must trust us for us to do this for them.

Setting Up Stripe

In this video, we will show you how to set up your Stripe account within JVZoo.


Step 2. How To Find Specific Products And Places To Promote

This video will show you how easy it is to find products to promote. You can choose by product name, EPC's, Conversion Rates, WSO's only and most recent WSO's.

Step 3. How to set up tracking IDs

JVZoo allows you to add tracking IDs to the end of your hoplinks  If you are running multiple promotions for a product, you may want to keep track of where your traffic is coming from.  By using tracking IDs, you can now track this on your own.

You may want to promote in many places, such as websites, the Warrior Forum, Facebook, and an email list.  Because JVZoo keeps track of clicks but not referral pages, you may want a way to tell where those clicks are coming from.  This is where your Tracking IDs (or TIDs) become invaluable.

The best way to implement tracking IDs is to use them as short (up to 24 characters long) descriptions.  TIDs can have only letters and number (no punctuation or symbols).  These IDs will then be reported back to your JVZoo listing/seller dashboard.  These numbers are only visible to you, and are not available to your sellers (or affiliates as the case may be)

As an example, if you have a link being sent out from Twitter in the first week of your sale, you could create a TID called twitterweekone  You would then add that to the end of your hoplink, so your affiliate link might look something like http://www.jvzoo.com/c/3522/3665/?tid=twitterweekone.  You would then be able to see how many clicks came from the first week of your Twitter campaign.

*Tracking ids must be in lower case only.

Step 4. Setting Up Your Sales Funnels In JVZoo

This video shows you how to create and set up your sales funnels from within JVZoo. We've made a graphical flow chart for you as well so you can visualize what your funnel is going to look like during the building process.

Funnels/Product Approval For Affiliates And AdjustIng Commissions

The above video shows you how to approve potential affiliates for your entire funnels setup's in side JVZoo. The video below this will walk you through how to appove affiliates for other products as well as adjust commissions for each.  There are also some WARNINGS in the below video, so please make sure to watch both.

Setting Up Stripe

Q&A with the most common questions about JVZoo

My Account is on Probation. What does that mean and how long will I be there?

The probation period is a precaution set in place to protect all parties involved in the selling process.

During the probation period, affiliates are not able to receive instant commissions, but can receive delayed commissions and promote as normal. Vendors are not able to change this for the affiliate.

The seller is limited in the price of the product they can start selling at, without needing product approval.  As they sell more, the price can be raised to a higher level, thus selling higher priced products without going through the support desk.

The system uses an algorithm to determine when an affiliate is eligible to be moved off of probation, using many factors including, but not limited to, affiliate sales, refunds, and other stats.  Once the algorithm has determined that an affiliate is eligible to be removed from probation, the system will automatically update the affiliate.

When will I get paid my commissions?

There are actually 2 types of payments for affiliates.  The first is instant, the other is delayed.

For instant commission payments, the payments will be sent to your account instantly, at the time of purchase.  This is paid to you directly from the vendor's Paypal account into your own affiliate Paypal account.

Delayed commissions means that the seller has up to 90 days to release your commissions for you.  They will release your funds directly from their account into your own Paypal account sometime within that 90 days.  The 90-day limit is to allow for refunds.

You can, of course, always contact the vendor to see if they would be willing to release your funds early for you, or to change you from delayed to instant (or vice versa).  That decision would be completely between the vendor and the affiliate.

I am NOT getting 100% Commission!?!?

This comes up time and time again. So I try to explain it here.

Here is how it works. There is nothing to hide...

As an affiliates, you get the commission % you are quoted WITHOUT paying any PayPal fees on every transaction.  This saves you HUGE money in fees and is something unique with our system.

How is the possible?  Because the vendor pays all PayPal fees upfront for you and then gives you the whole % of the sale.  So the vendor is paying your fees and giving you more of each payment (without fees) - this is a very generous model.

However, when commissions start to approach 100% one of two things must happen since the vendor is paying your fees for you.

  1. The vendor can pay you 100% (PayPal fee free money) and they would lose money on every single sale - because of paying your PayPal fees for you.
  2. The vendor can pay you 100% of what is left after they pay the PayPal fees for you.

JVZoo.com decided that it would be wrong to force vendors to lose money on 100% commission products.  So in that case, the PayPal fees (which have to get paid either by you or the vendor) are paid for you and then you get 100% of what is left without paying any additional fees.  This approach is saving you money as the affiliate.

Also, the vendor can opt to pay JVZoo 5% of each sale or pay an up-front flat fee for their listing.  If the vendor opts for the 5%, then that is also taken out before the affiliate is paid.

That is why it appears you are not getting 100% of the money, but you ARE getting 100% of the money that PayPal doesn't take.

What are INCOMPLETE transactions?

When a payment happens and the affiliate is set to delayed commission, that transaction will be labelled as INCOMPLETE.  A transaction is not complete, until everyone - includes the affiliates and JV partners have been paid.

If you are an affiliate, you have to wait for the vendor to approve your commission payment.  Once the approve you, the money will be paid and the transaction will go to COMPLETE. This can take up to 60 days.

If you are a product vendor, this transaction will remain INCOMPLETE until you approve the affiliate and JV portions to be paid OR until you refund the transaction.  You can do this at any time, but must be done within 60 days of the transaction.

If you are an affiliate and do not want to be on delayed commissions, contact the vendor's and introduce yourself, explain how you are going to promote and build some trust with them.  They can release all your payments and set you to instant commission at any point they decide.  You relationship with them will decide when you get paid and how fast.

That was it, now you know what you need to understand about this system. You can use the button below to register for a JVZoo Affiliate Account.

Sign Up For A JVZoo Affiliate Account

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