Do You Suck…? And Swallow…?

Suck in SEO and Swallow everything what people normally tell you to do?

You need to get slapped in the face!

And wake up, pull your head out of your ass… And just watch and listen to the YouTube video from Alex Becker‘s channel Source Wave Videos. In this blog post I’m sharing the videos which I personally use to learn the techniques shared by Alex Becker and I also recommend you to check out his platform to Sell or Buy SEO Services on the SourceMarket platform.

You can sign up to the sourcemarket for free and even sell without having to pay a fee up front as on Fiver, of course because the SourceWave Market is optimized for SEO Services and pretty straight forward to setup.




This is what inspired me to start building on the foundation to sell my own SEO services and teach what I learned from Alex’s videos. I’m sure that you’ll like this particular strategy about 30 minutes but this is the Complete NO BS Strategy which you can start implementing to your own business today.


$400k 3 Step Stealth SEO Client Selling Process (The Unrefusable Offer)

Source: Source Wave Videos


“Rank and Rent Webinar Replay” This is a 120 minute video which explains the How To in great detail.

Source: Source Wave Videos


Get Hungry SEO Clients To Come To You!

Source: Source Wave Videos


Traffic Ranking and Spanking

Source: Source Wave Videos


I will add more resources that compliment the training videos here at the end of this blog post and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and write me a comment with your question below, I always read every comment and always answer the normal and genuine

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Ricardo Penders

Computers and Gadgets is what I'm really passionate about and because of my 20+ years of coding experience most technical stuff is easy for me to understand and I'm able to save a lot of time and money because of it but I didn't have any way to share that with people and pass on some of my knowledge.

That's why I started this blog... Coding and building websites is almost the same thing and I really love to experiment with code on my websites and share that with people online. This is how I started with Internet Marketing.

Now I'm teaching what I'm doing here on my website and would love to add your success story to my website.

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