Social Jukebox Preview

Today the Social Jukebox beta test begins.

For those of you wondering when the system would finally be up and running. The answer is now! Today a select group of people will begin accessing the system and getting a chance to take a spin with the powerful new version of the system.

I’m very excited to finally get Social Jukebox in your hands. There is a great deal of new functionality in the system and it should really speed up your ability to tackle your social media needs.

You may be wondering what has taken so long. There are a few things which came into play in delaying the system from being ready sooner. Most, if not all of them, are my fault. Perhaps not directly, but I underestimated the time things would take to get done pretty dramatically. My apologies.

There’s also a tremendous positive lesson as well. Moving forward with this project has challenged me to work with things I haven’t ever faced before, and am, at times, a bit unsure how to manage. When I can, I ask people who may know what to do. When I can’t? I take my best guess and proceed with good intentions.

It may not always get me exactly where I want, but I am getting better at figuring out how to calibrate my approach. For any of you traveling uncharted waters, I recommend the same approach. It’s educational and invigorating.

Now a group of about 90 of your fellow users will spend a week, maybe two, using the new system to post to their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. They will be helping us sort through any problems or quirks so the inevitable launch will be smoother for the rest of you. For that I am very grateful.

Since you have a little more waiting to do, I took a few minutes to record a video of the highlight of the new system.


Source: Tweet Jukebox


New Functionality

Here are a few of the things the new system will allow you to do:

  1. At the risk of stating the obvious, you’ll now be able to automatically post to Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Twitter.
  2. The new jukebox display allows much quicker modification of big switches like turning jukeboxes on and off, copying and moving jukeboxes to other accounts in the system.
  3. The new auto-schedule functionality is an absolute game changer. You can easily select the jukeboxes you want to post from, and the day or days you want to schedule and then, with one click, schedule them all with zero overlap in your posts. I absolutely love it.


Sign up today for Substantial Savings, Eliminate the “Over the Limit for Daily Tweets” message, and get ready for the power of Social Jukebox!:

Social Jukebox is here and prices are going up. But not for people who already have a subscription. Plus, if you are wanting to send out more tweets, now is your chance to experience the full power of the system. Check out the price changes below to help you decide if you’d prefer to wait. I’m guessing probably not.

The Advanced Plan is going from $12.99 per month to $24.99 per month.

The Pro Plan is going from $24.99 to $49.99 per month.

The Business Plan is going from $49.99 to $99.99 per month.

Beat the increase, and sign up at

Do you want an even lower price? 

We’ve had an avalanche of people take advantage of the favorable pricing of annual plans

On the Advanced Plan:

By paying for a year, the monthly cost of an annual plan drops over 23% to $9.99 per month.

On the Pro Plan:

Paying for a year drops the cost to $19.99 per month from $24.99. You save $60 per year!

On the Business Plan:

An annual membership is $39.99 per month. A full $120 less per year than the monthly plan If you want the best deal possible, check this out at

For those of you already on a monthly plan, e-mail me at I can pro-rate your monthly back to you, and let you join on the annual plan.


Want to Bump up your Marketing Game?

Check out my Blog on Worldprofit for the latest news and updates on this system created by George Kosch and today it’s also the 22nd year exactly that he’s running this company and website… So it’s his business birthday today.

22 years in business, that’s a long time.

This system just has it all and George Kosch is an awesome dude that knows how to write code and really automates pretty much everything to save you time and takes away the learning curve completely because he’s providing everything with tutorial videos, resources, scripts and all you can think off… The only thing you need to do is to save some files with scripts to your hard drive with your own login credentials on the sites you’re using and next time you only have to click one or two buttons and wait for the macros to finish your tasks completely on autopilot.

So if you do this right and start with a lot of sites you only have to save your scripts once and you’ll be able to repeat it indefinitely, no need to login to sites anymore, or posting your solo ads, banner ads, text ads etc. manually and there’s a lot more you can do with macros… Imagine how much time you’ll save with this.

But you have to be a Worldprofit Silver Member (you can use this link to upgrade or get your silver membership instantly) to be able to access this of course… IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY… and more!!

You can start with a Worldprofit Silver Membership Immediately without first having to make a free Worldprofit Associate Account and then later create your new account for your silver membership. But if you first want to start with a free membership I recommend you to start and use my 8 eBooks GiveAway which you can download immediately after filling out the form with your name and valid email address so that I can send the downloads to your email inbox.

If there’s something wrong and you didn’t receive your downloads email me to and I’ll be happy to send it to you again. I have everything on file and saved to my Dropbox account and in my backoffice so there’s nothing to worry about.

By the way, the associates account and the silver account are hosted on different websites so you’ll have to create a new account anyway, even when you do the upgrade and already have a free associate account you still get new credentials to be able to login to your dealer membership and the old account will be obsolete after the upgrade.

You can also first visit my Business Central, and look around yourself to what I’m offering… You’ll see on the left menu under “Worldprofit Opportunities” a link called “See Us Live” which I highly recommend if you are new to this and need 24/7 live coaching because I’m paying people to be online for you and give you the guidance you need to get familiar with the system and give you awesome opportunities on my behalf.

This is invaluable and there’s nobody else doing this anywhere else online..!! I also have a link to the live coaches here on this blog located in the start menu using the same reference “See Us Live” but it doesn’t have the live chat option, therefore you have to go to my other domain where it’s hosted.

Last thing I think would be helpful to you is that all blog posts about the Worldprofit system are located here under the Wealthy Internet Marketing Category.


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