An E-Commerce Revolution Is Coming…

…and it’s called Sellosity

Sean Donahoe - Sellosity

Sean Donahoe

Sellosity is created by Sean Donahoe, He’s one of the best marketers online and I personally like his products very much because I know that whatever Sean comes up with he doesn’t leave anything on the table and it’s always stuff of the highest quality and value.

I also like how he supports his affiliates and helps to sell his products like no other vendor, that’s why he’s one of the best and trustworthy people in the internet marketing industry and especially when it comes to e-commerce.

And I’m super excited to invite you to the upcoming Sellosity launch that is happening on Thursday, November 17th 2016.

According to Sean this is exactly the right moment to release a revolutionary new ecommerce platform for WordPress because sellers like us are experiencing challenges in their ecommerce businesses, so Sean created Sellosity to overcome those challenges.

Sean also said “It frustrates me to see so many entrepreneurs struggling to make ecommerce work for them. And the limited functionality and outrageous monthly fees associated with many of the most popular ecommerce platforms drove us to do something about it!

Most people don’t know that Sean’s background IS ecommerce…

Just a few years ago, he owned the second largest art store on the Internet and stocked over 3 million products and turned over 7 figures a year in revenue.

Best of all, he never personally saw, touched, or shipped a single product… The business was 100% automated and products were dropshipped from the vast network of vendors they were in partnership with.

He also built huge Amazon-style stores with over $450 million in inventory, and he personally consulted with multi-million dollar ecommerce giants such as Walmart, Kroger, and Costco to name just a few.

Bottom line? He knows his stuff when it comes to ecommerce!

Keep reading for all of the details…


Click the image to Get On The Early Bird List

Here are the main reasons why I recommend and love to promote Sean’s products like Sellosity:

  1. I will receive a luxurious 40% commissions ($118.80) on front-end sales, PLUS 25% monthly commissions for life (their $47 upsell typically converts at 60% and their AVERAGE retention rate is 6 months!)
  2. The last E-Commerce launch generated over $1.2 million in sales, and this time around they are on target to break the $1.5 million barrier.
  3. They only sell high quality products and are they known for their excellence, hence why they can charge higher prices and still convert like crazy.
  4. The sales funnel is tried and tested and many of their affiliates saw double-digit EPCs throughout their last launch. (This is guaranteed to convert, all I have to do is mail my list!)
  5. They have one of the lowest refund rates in the industry at just 5.5%, meaning that on average I will get paid for 19 out of every 20 customers I send their way.
  6. The pre-launch series are content-driven, building a huge buzz and priming customers for what is to come while delivering massive value (they teach actionable strategies that customers will LOVE me for!)
  7. YOU Can Secure a $50 Discount if you Pre-Order Sellosity During Pre-Launch, giving me an opportunity to lock-in paying commissions before they go live with the sales page on November 17th!

If you are interested in promoting this product as an affiliate without having to buy the product yourself you can do that via ClickBank and/or JVZoo, if you don’t have a ClickBank Affiliate Account you can get one for free using the “Free ClickBank Affiliate Account Sign Up” link here… My ClickBank Marketplace is something that I recommend you to check out also if you like to promote ClickBank products or buy them via ClickBank, if you like to know how you can add the complete ClickBank Product Database to your WordPress website in seconds you can read my blog post at: “Blog Marketing and ClickBank Together?” for all the details.

Promoting products via ClickBank doesn’t require any confirmation from the vendor as you’d have on JVZoo, if you don’t have a JVZoo Account you can get one for free using the “Free JVZoo Affiliate Account Sign Up” link here… If you are not familiar with JVZoo you really need to be educated about their system and you can get that information here on my blog at: “Start Promoting Products As JVZoo Affiliate“, because it’s not very easy to find the necessary information especially if you’re a beginner I put everything important to you in one blog post to save you the time searching for it.

Back to Sellosity…

You Are Invited to Get the Sellosity Early Bird Offer and Profit from The Biggest E-Commerce Launch of 2016!


Click the image to Get On The Early Bird List

Make Sure you Sign Up to my list and Stay Tuned for More Information As It Becomes Available

You’ll see my opt-in showing up first to make sure that you also get my bonuses, this is optional so if you don’t want that you just click to close the window and resume to the official sales page.


Sellosity Pre-Launch, Launch & Contest Dates

The main contest will run from November 17th to November 24th. Mark your calendar!

November 7th, 10th and 14th are also important dates for you to remember because that’s when the Pre-Launch Videos are planned to be available and I highly recommend you to watch those videos because you can expect Sean to share a lot of valuable information (live attendees always get something extra).

Keep coming back here on a regular basis to see if there are any updates, I’ll keep adding new information to this blog post during launch!


Click the image to Get On The Early Bird List

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