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Please if you haven’t done that already go to your email inbox that you used to register on my website and >> Whitelist << me. You can use my special page to get me white-listed for almost every platform I have a detailed description as you can see on my Whitelist Page…

Listen, because I found my special whitelist page somewhere in a product I’m using and know that it’s also an automatic whitelist generator script that we can legally use as instructed and don’t get any flags from Google because we use the automatic way to generate the new file you need to download and then upload to your server in the public directory.




If you are somewhat technical or you have a network admin working for you or someone else who can do the technical stuff of uploading to your server via FTP or save it via a Web Disk App on your hosting service via cPanel… it’s another way of doing the same task, and if this is already too complicated for you I recommend to talk to your computer guy and let him do it for you he will do it in about 10 minutes or so.

For the tech savvy nerds if you just follow the instructions on my whitelist page and fill in your own business email “Sent From” (the one you want to have white-listed with your members) you will get an exact copy of the one I’m using but because it’s a script it has your business already done for you and it will open a new tab/window and the URL of that new opened tab is the page that you need to save manually and in Google Chrome you can’t do it as simple as in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox so do yourself a favor and start this project on a different browser application as Chrome.

>> Whitelist << _SoHarD_dB_w@®Ez_ Now!


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