Re-Capture, Re-Engage and Re-Market in Minutes with the ReClick App

This Brand New ReClick App Turns a Failing Campaign into a $3.5k per Day Monster Using a Traffic Hack that 99% of the Marketers Online Doesn’t Even Know Exists

Scroll down to read the >> NEWS << part and check out what the new Mints App 2.0 can do for you…


Hey fellow internet marketers, as you can see… I’m doing a lot more with JVZoo now because I believe that JVZoo is a very trustworthy community with the highest quality of software and services online and I really like how easy it is to implement JVZoo on my website. You won’t believe how many traffic I get to my promos just from the product feed alone! It’s crazy and I don’t even have to write a blog post about the stuff that I’m promoting if I wanted… And still get a lot of traffic going to the JVZoo promo funnels!! So I came across this awesome software called ReClick App on JVZoo and after reading the sales page and watching the videos about this platform I can see how this can benefit many of you with your online business.

To see how ReClick will turn your business into a profit railer in minutes + discover how promoting ReClick will help your customers get more leads and sales in their marketing campaigns starting today

The best features of the ReClick App are:

  • Instantly collect highly targeted & responsive leads from your super-engaged audience depending on their behaviour for maximum results
  • You can re-capture your already exiting traffic & re-engage your idle visitors using highly targeted campaigns are custom-tailored to specific audiences
  • You can instantly offer discounts and coupon codes to your abandoning prospects and close 3x more sales than your standard sales funnel
  • Your Audience Engagement is Guaranteed Everytime & Tailored to Deliver Maximum Profits
  • ReClick comes with the Mints App’s flagship customer-driven funnels technology, the first of it’s kind
  • Binary Campaigns – Discover exactly which products your audience prefer and sell exactly that to them
  • Multi-poll Campaigns – Basically this is the engagement pile-driver, absolutely nothing comes close to this campaign-type when it’s time to get your audience talking about any topic, fully engaged with your brand and products.
  • New exit-intent technology – Every single time you drive traffic to your lead pages and sales offers – you lose 70% – 95% of that traffic, these are a bunch of folks who’ll just land on your sites and leave without subscribing or buying anything, and they never return. You keep spending more money to generate more traffic as you keep bleeding badly… our new ReClick app with Exit-Intent technology is going to plug that leak and convert 3x more visitors with your abandoning traffic.
  • Integral Pattern Disrupt Fullscreen campaigns – ReClick features full screen pattern disrupt marketing technology that guarantees every single visitor feels the impact and is cornered to take action on your campaigns
  • Works seamlessly across all devices – Increase your mobile conversions and revenue with mobile-friendly campaigns
  • Catch your visitor’s eye with Reclick Appearance effects – No matter how good your marketing is… it will not bring any result if it’s not noticed. Reclick effects is a signature technology that helps you catch visitor’s attention with animated effects. With over 40 in-built eye-catchy effects and animations. All you have to do is select the effect that you want from the sub-menu while creating your optin and save settings.

Do I need to say more? To get in on the early bird offer you’ll have to be quick because today is Launch Day and the doors are closing…

Click here to open the Early Bird sales page

Now… If you’re already a JVZoo partner you can promote this product also on your website just like I’m doing with my blog and the JVZoo Feeds. It’s very easy to setup and you’ll start to get traffic to your offers fast. If you’re not yet a JVZoo partner you can Register Your JVZoo affiliates Account here.

Do yourself a favor if you’re new to JVZoo and first read my blog post to get you up to date and you have to understand a few things before you start promoting the right way… This is very important for you to understand the basics and I’ve done my best to make it as easy as possible for you and lower the learning curve as much as I could.

Just open this blog post here to get all the details.

I’ll be adding more info about the ReClick App soon so come back to this blog post if you need more info later…

>> NEWS <<

Mints App 2.0

Tomorrow @ 11am EST… what I have now
dubbed as “April Madness” will go live…

Look at this to see why I call Mints App 2.0 launch
April Madness:

That’s 30,000 clicks…!

Grow your business FASTER than you could push a button…
The $2.3 million method (see it here)…
A secret software that made $2.3 million (watch video)
Interact and sell to your audience on autopilot
FREE training video for you (new – watch it now)

Here’s the link to the Mints App 2.0





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