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Give your audience the content they want to read. is the easiest way to automatically collect, publish

and share content on the web.


Below you can watch a few short videos and discover how works

The videos are all made by and are embedded from their YouTube Channel.

Please be patient and give this page the time to buffer the 8 videos for you…


Basic Branding with Video #1


Basic Branding with Video #2


Global settings: scheduling times, editor’s notes, title + subtitles


How to configure promotion channels


Filtering and fine-tuning your content


How to install a custom Twitter widgets and other add-ons


Paper embeds: Iframe, Nomad and Headline Widget


Below is the example of my own Daily Digest using the Nomad Widget script

I’ve set the resolution myself to 800×600 pixels and this is NOT mobile responsive so you need to be on your notepad device at least to see this widget the right way

We collect.

Save time and effort.

We process 144 milion websites in 8 languages every day to allow you to share

the right content for your audience. It’s simple as:


  1. Collect. Choose content sources.
  2. Customize. Make it your own.
  3. Promote. Grow an audience.


You share. 

Shine at content discovery.

Our users already publish over 200 million articles a day with
Let us do the heavy content lifting for you too.

Create newsletters
and send them to your audience

Publish a newspaper
to promote your business, event or idea

Stay on top
of your industry news



Share stories your followers will love.


With the power of data in your pocket, this neat app takes the hard work out of finding great content to share. A must have for busy people who want to keep their followers listening.



Our community.
What our users are saying is a simple way to aggregate online information important to followers without the need to handle it personally.
Gerard Piqué
Spanish professional footballer
See paper
My invites a new level of engagement and connection. The branded piece gives the impression that I spent a lot of money or took a lot of time to build. Neither is true. is fast, efficient, seamless and inexpensive.
Brian Kolb
COO Wright’s Media
See paper is a fantastic tool for delivering relevant content to your community. It cultivates current connections and establishing new ones.
Ekaterina Walter
Wall Street Journal bestselling author
See paper
 I wanted to highlight independent educator blogs focused on EdTech.
Michele Lorito-Chase
Entrepreneur focused on EdTech
See paper is powerful and simple to use. You can monitor peers, trends and industry news while establishing credibility as an expert along the way.
Estelle Metayer
Trend Spotter and Strategist
See paper
We use to deliver a daily paper with very little effort, providing a wealth of information to both our existing client base and prospective customers.

In the press.
As seen on:


Have your voice heard.

Join our Backstage Community and help shape future products.



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Ricardo Penders

Computers and Gadgets is what I'm really passionate about and because of my 20+ years of coding experience most technical stuff is easy for me to understand and I'm able to save a lot of time and money because of it but I didn't have any way to share that with people and pass on some of my knowledge.

That's why I started this blog... Coding and building websites is almost the same thing and I really love to experiment with code on my websites and share that with people online. This is how I started with Internet Marketing.

Now I'm teaching what I'm doing here on my website and would love to add your success story to my website.

Ricardo Penders CEO _SoHarD_dB_w@®Ez_ | The Rapid List Building System

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