Online Business How To Step 1 using Wistia

This video will show you a marketing strategy you can use with Wistia and at the end of the video you have the option to sign up for a free Email List Building System Fast Action Plan and Training.

If you want to get these videos complete with done-for-you websites, articles and email follow ups you need to sign up using the form below… You’ll be automatically redirected to here so you can read about the benefits of using Wistia and about the features it has built-in and at the same time you’ll receive an email in your inbox with the link to Dropbox so you can download all 3 niche marketing sites from my Dropbox Directory (you don’t need a Dropbox account to download the files to your computer).


Email Address:


Interested in the 2 other videos for the Health & Fitness Niche and the Dating and Relationships Niche?

You can watch the videos using the links below:

  1. Health & Fitness Niche Marketing
  2. Dating and Relationships Niche


What's Wistia?

Wistia is a free video hosting service that integrates nicely with WordPress. There's also a paid plan but that's optional... You'll need it if you want to remove the Wistia brand and replace it with your own and if you want to use annotations and some other advanced features in your videos hosted at Wistia.

The free plan gives you 3 video uploads now, I'm glad that I got my membership early because I've got space for 25 video uploads so you see why it can be very beneficial to you if you make use of the Early Bird Offers that you can get from myself and other internet marketers...

The monthly bandwidth of 200GB is standard, the bandwidth will be reset to 0 every month as you can see below:


As long as you stay below 200 GB Bandwidth per month you don't have to pay for the Wistia video hosting service which is a pretty good plan if you'd ask me...

Below you can see all the email platforms that Wistia integrates with:


With Wistia you can do even more with your video viewing data

Send video data directly into your favorite marketing automation software to see how your videos are contributing to your overall marketing strategy.


There are also a few advanced features you can use with Wistia, I've listed the advanced features below:

  1. Sitemaps
  2. API Access
  3. Webhooks
  4. Integrations
  5. Beta Features


Beta Features

As we build and test experimental features, it's a big help to get feedback and usage data from experienced users. We call this our Basic Experience Testing And Product User Group — BETAPUG for short. Keep in mind, these features are experimental: they may break, be confusing, or be removed without warning! If you want real-time updates on feature releases, head on over to the Betapug signup form.

If you have any questions or feedback about these features, email us at

Require Password

With the new Require Password feature you can set a password (and prompt text) for your video right within the Customize panel. Now it's easier to share your video content without requiring individual logins.

Some quick things to consider before you turn this feature on: This is only available while using the new Vulcan player. Any of your users who have permission to customize your content can change the password within the Customize panel. While the feature is in beta, it won't play nicely with a Turnstile that's been placed at the beginning of the video. We recommend choosing one or the other.

Stats Digest

Wistia's Stats Digest saves you time and provides you with a weekly, high-level view of your videos' performance that you can share with your team.

By selecting this feature, all managers in your account will get enrolled into the Stats Digest email. If someone on your account doesn’t want to receive these emails, they can go into their individual notifications and turn it off.


Webhooks let you know about events that happen in Wistia as they occur. Want to send an alert as soon as a new video is processed and ready to play? Perhaps get new stats pushed from Wistia into your custom dashboard as people watch your videos? Well then, you and webhooks will be fast friends.

Read more about webhooks and up your game!

Turn this on, refresh the page, and find the new Webhooks menu item under Advanced in the sidebar.


Wistia also replaces the SEO settings for the video when you integrate your video in WordPress, this is pretty nifty because it helps you to get ranked for the video title you use.

Wistia wanted to make video SEO better and easier to do. Now we automatically inject metadata onto your page which means you no longer need to make video sitemaps. We’ll continue hosting your existing ones, but you won’t be able to edit or create new sitemaps. For more information, refer to the Video SEO page.


If you have a couple videos you want to upload for free I recommend you to try Wistia instead of YouTube, Vimeo or something else and let me know what you think about Wistia in the comments below, I would appreciate your feedback very much.


It's not required for you to have a Dropbox account but if you're not using Dropbox yet I want to encourage you to start using the service, you'll need it later for several reasons. Sign Up for a new Dropbox Account Now! Earn More Space! You can earn more space by referring your friends to Dropbox! You'll get a 500 MB bonus when they install Dropbox on their computer. Just to show you that you'll get a good amount of disk space doing this, 8.38 GB earned already! I will add 2 more opportunities to this playlist, one for the Weight Loss - Fitness niche, the other for the Dating niche...


Dropbox and the Dropbox logo are trademarks of Dropbox, Inc.


I'll put the links to the other videos in this description as soon as I uploaded the videos and have the free downloads ready for you.

See you on the inside!


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