Mastering the VC Game

VC stands for Venture Capital


“Mastering the VC Game: How to Raise Your First Round of Capital” with Jeff Bussgang

Jeff Bussgang presented a Skillshare class entitled “Mastering the VC Game: How to Raise Your First Round of Capital” at the Harvard innovation lab on April 3, 2012. Jeff is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at HBS and a General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners. 

Students learned about the startup financing landscape, how to find investors, how to pitch them, how to understand term sheets, and other tips for raising a first round of financing.

The seminar was intended to address questions like:

  1. You’ve been working on a big idea and need financing to get it going: but how do you go about raising your first round of funding?
  2. What’s the difference between angel, seed, and VC investors?
  3. How do you go about valuing your company and deciding on equity?


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Mastering the VC Game Video with Jeff Bussgang

Source: Harvard i-lab


Another video I recommend you to watch is the next one called the Top 10 Lies VCs Tell Entrepreneurs

Bill Reichert, of Garage Technology Ventures, says entrepreneurs use phrases that VCs perceive as white lies, while VCs use euphemisms for what they really intend when they talk to entrepreneurs

Top 10 Lies VCs Tell Entrepreneurs

Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business


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