Here’s How To Get over $10,000 worth of Advertising Credits

My Laser-Targeted Traffic Network has grown even bigger…!!

Instant Ads 4 Me is a NEW underground traffic generation system that I’m a Co-Founder of together with Zoran, Ifo and Donald and many more… You NOW Have the Chance To Go BIG in F*R*E*E AdvertisingAnd Believe me it’s Worth Your Time to Read this One Blog Post and please Take Action and You Will Make Money Guaranteed..!!

We are also ELITE VIP’s which gives us the Opportunity to set our own starting price whenever people see our OTO and I Discounted it for you from $3 to just $1 to make this a no brainer for you… With this traffic package you simply can’t lose if you buy my OTO on Instant Ads 4 Me.


Instant Benefits if You Join my Instant Ads 4 Me Traffic Generating Network NOW!

Join today for free and get 1 lifetime banner ad. For an optional very small one-time fee, you can

  1. promote your websites with our 468×60 banners,
  2. 125×125 banners and our
  3. text links!
  4. Your ads will show on every page of this site, which gets traffic from all over the world every day.
  5. In addition, this site also gets visitors from our network of other advertising sites that have 1,000’s of members.
  6. Once you join, your ads last FOR LIFE and never expire! Yes, you read that right!
  7. As a new paid member you get 4 banners and 2 text links which never expire and never run out of impressions!


Now This Is The BIG ONE You Should Take Action On This Right NOW!

Why You Absolutely Have to Take Action On The Big ONE is because with this online tool You Can Tie All the Different Membership Sites Together!



You Can Do that very easy if you Join my Instant Cash Flow Funnel Click this link here to see the details…

I’m the co-founder of the traffic generating sites and this system InstantCashFlowFunnel.com ties all membership sites together that’s why it’s so valuable for you, it will save you a lot of time and it will generate you more sales and builds your lists at the same time on auto pilot… You can even use your own autoresponder scripts and build those list outside the membership sites using AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp or what I recommend if you’re using a WordPress website is – RapidMailer

Use Instant Cash Flow Funnel yourself to quickly sign up to the necessary membership sites (where the traffic is generated) enables you to build your own list for your business and earn instant commissions for every direct sale you’ll generate from people in your downline who decide to upgrade and whenever they buy more advertising…


This is very important for you to know so please read the instructions after you sign up…

There’s no way to navigate directly to your member area from the page after signing up so you have to save the URL as a favorite, I’ve put the example URL below and the only thing you need to change is the part where you see XXXXXX you put your username you used when you signed up. The “members area” page also gives you access to the vault but you only get the password to your vault once in your first email and even when you change your password the vault will keep using the original one and can’t be changed.

URL to members area: http://instantcashflowfunnel.com/r/XXXXXX/memberarea.php

Of course you have to be an Elite VIP member yourself on all the membership sites if you want to earn the highest commission from the direct sales you generate from your downline and you have to save your PayPal, Payza or Bitcoin address to get paid so do not forget to do that for every site you sign up to… If you plan to sign up to all sites that’s the best thing you can do I recommend you to first complete to make the necessary changes to one site before you go on to the next one because you will forget it if you think you’ll do it later, it’s easy to get distracted and get off track.

You only need to do the work once and it will last a lifetime…

Open my Instant Cash Flow Funnel page showing only 9 sites coming from me… click the link below:

Get Instant Access To $1,247.99 In FREE Advertising Now!

As a BONUS for joining the Instant Cash Flow Funnel you also get access to the


Over $15,000 Worth Of FREE Advertising… Get THOUSANDS of dollars worth of free advertising- which translates into HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF REAL VISITORS to your websites when you use these free promo codes in conjunction with your marketing campaigns.

Instant Ads 4 Me is an Underground Laser-Targeted Web Traffic Network Source…

…and I will keep adding real value to my traffic generating network package to help you grow your business for years to come, this is really the ultimate traffic pack I’ve ever put together.

You’ll be rewarded for your referrals and keep earning commissions over and over again from your downline… Below is a list of the benefits for you if you use these systems:

  • You can email your referrals with this system (unlimited)
  • Earning commissions for life
  • The one time offer (OTO) of $1, just for the first time you’ll open the Instant Ads 4 Me page you’ll get the discount after that it’s $19.
  • done for you email follow ups
  • done for you popup script
  • done for you pop-under script
  • done for you viral page script (opens a lightbox over your website if people try to go off your page)
  • done for you affiliate banners
  • you can advertise with 125×125 banners
  • you can advertise with 468×60 banners
  • you can advertise with text-ads
  • you can advertise with login-ads
  • you can advertise with solo-ads
  • and even more…

The traffic generating sites from Frank Salinas are one of the best you can have to sell stuff in our industry, they convert and I love that we as Co-Founder (Elite VIP) don’t ever have to click any ads to get our ads showing up and our account activated and your ads never expire… It took me only ONE DAY of promoting these membership sites to my private list that has only 223 subscribers to get my return on investment which includes Elite VIP membership on all websites directly coming from Frank Salinas plus many extra advertising credits for more banner ads, text ads, login ads, solo ads and whatever else I could find.



  1. To use these sites and get credits automatically you need to use the “Get Code” button and on that page you see that you can copy the code and an example of the banner you need to place on every blog you have, since it’s NOT required for people to click any of those ads you’ll receive extra credits whenever your page is shown to people… If people click on those ads which are mostly your own banners you’ll even get commissions from every sale you make that way. Don’t leave anything on the table guys because someone else will get it who does go the extra mile.
  2. If you are a co-founder, co-owner, Elite VIP you must add your details on the profile settings page, by doing that and uploading your picture you’ll get listed on the co-founders page and you can write whatever you want on your description and make it as long as you want and put as many links in it as you want so please take care of this little detail, it’s on every page and you need to add it manually on every page.
  3. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to do the following as soon as possible because almost nobody else is using this feature..!! “Manage Gifts”, if you click that you can add up to 3 gifts on several of the traffic sites I know that one site has only two gift-slots, if you have a free report to giveaway and have a landing page in place to capture subscriber emails whenever they download it you’ll get even more leads from these traffic sites.
  4. Another great tip is to use the “Downline Builder” on the “No Marketer Left Behind” site because it has the “Confirmed Traffic” and “PS Click Power” already integrated you only need to update the URL so it will use your URL instead.


One of the simple things that will set *PS Click Power* apart is that members do not receive emails from other members at all.

This is something that will end up being very refreshing for those members that already have memberships to 20, 30+ sites…

Members will be incentivized to view and click ads because we’ll have a module in place so that anyone that clicks more than 50 ads in a day will be entered into a drawing to win cool prizes like credits, banners, text ads or even CASH! Prizes will be added into the member’s account and members will be notified by email when they win.

Members can win more than once per month and can qualify every day just by clicking on at least 50 ads in 24hrs

Elite VIP Members are also Co-Founders with extra features and bonuses plus You’ll get your Elite VIP status transferred to another of the traffic generating network from Frank Salinas.

When I purchased my Elite VIP Membership License for Instant Ads 4 Me he gave me the same on Confirmed Traffic and PS Click Power as long as the limit isn’t reached for these special level memberships you’re getting it transferred to another site also…

You only need to be quick if you want the bonus sites with a one time free Elite VIP level transfer.

  • Instant Ads 4 Me – Free Advertising | Free Web Traffic
  • Confirmed Traffic – Free Advertising | Free Web Traffic
  • PS Click Power – Free Advertising | PS Clicks | Free Web Traffic
  • Endless Ad Network – Free Advertising | More Free Solo Ads | Free Web Traffic
  • No Marketer Left Behind (NEW & HOT) – I Highly Recommend you to upgrade to Platinum Membership at least… ELITE VIP is even better and use the $1 One Time Offer from here instead of paying the regular $17
  • Instant Cash Flow Funnel (NEW HOTTEST) – BIGGEST TRAFFIC GENERATING PACKAGE EVER WORTH OVER $1,247.99 In FREE Advertising PLUS OVER $10,000 Worth of Advertising Credits in the VAULT
  • My Traffic Downline – Free Advertising | PS Clicks | Free Web Traffic
  • Instant List Builder – Free Advertising | Free Gift Slots | Free List Building System & Training



With Instant List Builder all you have to do is promote your referral link to this site to build your list and earn commissions on all sales you make!

Membership Level Free Gold Platinum Elite JV Partner VIP
Credits For Clicking Text Ads 25 40 50 75 100 125
Credits For Clicking Banners 25 40 50 75 100 125
Credits Earned Per Referral 100 200 400 600 750 1000
Free Gift Slots 0 1 2 3 4 5
Credits Earned On Signup 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 75,000 200,000
Commissions 25% 40% 50% 60% 75% 80%
Cost Free 🙂 $27 $47 $67 $97 $147

Get your $200 in completely FREE Ads!

You’ll Receive…
x10 Text Links w/1000 Impressions ($100 Value)
x10 Banner Ads w/1000 Impressions ($100 Value)

234-60          234-60 (1)

234-60 (2)          endless-ad-network-234-60




Paid Members also get the following bonus pages and upgraded for free…

If you buy InstantAds4Me or Endless Ad Network at the Elite VIP membership level you’ll get these bonus sites automatically with an upgraded status after you put in your redeem codes on each of these sites separately, some sites have the Elite VIP level or Gold level and others give you a massive credit plus other free advertising on that particular site… Every site has it’s benefits or unique features and will be worth for people to even use for free so you will have enough tools and resources at hand and make it as easy as possible for you to promote these offers to your lists or followers.

  • 30 Minute List
  • ViralBuilder
  • My Cloaked Link
  • Thank You Page Connection (NEW & HOT) – I almost missed this site and the time limited offer which is still available for a few more JV Partners of My Cloaked Link so if you want to expand your lifetime ads for free I hope you can still get your account upgraded with the free lifetime ads after you enter your redeem code.


 Watch the short video below to see why No Marketer Left Behind is for you…


Click here to sign up to No Marketer Left Behind Now!


Watch the short video below to see why Endless Ad Network is for you…

Click here to sign up to Endless Ad Network Now!


Marketing Tips:

  • The Resell Products Monthly with over 150 products you can download and resell for free… If you buy the $17 OTO just after you login to your No Marketer Left Behind account you always see a couple OTO’s, at the bottom of the page you need to click the “No thanks” link until you get on the $17 OTO page from Frank Salinas and buy that to get the most for the least amount of money.
  • To get No Marketer Left Behind for just $5 instead of the regular $17 price you can use my OTO which you only get the first time using this link here >> No Marketer Left Behind << you can still upgrade later inside the system if you want but you’ll pay the regular price for it and there are only an x amount of paid members accepted… I know how Frank works and I know that he always makes the sales close down if he has enough members and some of his sites will open up for sales maybe later once or twice and then they are gone forever…
  • If you’re still on the fence and want to get one of my traffic generating sites upgraded to Platinum Membership even cheaper you can use my OTO for InstantAds4Me and start with the Platinum paid membership for just $1… You can also start for free and upgrade later just as the No Marketer Left Behind site and pay the regular price.


Sign Up For Your PaySpree Account Here!

A few tutorial videos you should watch before doing anything of the sites…

I know that the videos sometimes show another system which is not mentioned here in this blog post and isn’t on my Traffic Generating Sites list but I can assure you that all these systems work exactly the same way and the buttons and menus are all located in the same place so don’t worry about that, the instruction videos that Frank makes and sometimes I find an even better video on YouTube and share that instead so that I’m sure that you’ll get the best information possible and save you the time to search for it.


Personal Messaging System

Source: Frank Salinas


How To Setup Ads

Source: Richard Weberg

How to Setup Login Ads

Source: Zoran Simovic


Important Note:

Now I need to say this to anyone who is able to get started with an ELITE VIP membership on InstantAds4Me via my link you need to use the other links from me too I listed them below because if you use the links in your InstantAds4Me members area you will get singed up under Frank Salinas and that’s when I stop helping you and you’re not gonna be successful online using these sites so I can’t stress this enough to you that you have to make sure you use my link and that I am your sponsor if you signup on the bonus sites, ok?

MAKE SURE the bonus sites show you the sponsor on the signup page and it should look like this: Sponsor: (RicardoPenders1982)”

If that’s NOT the case and you see another name as your sponsor please remove your cookies or open another internet browser like Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox and make sure that you use the links which I’m providing for you below with my name at the end of the URL


  1. http://instantads4.me/index.php?r=RicardoPenders1982
  2. http://confirmedtraffic.com/index.php?r=RicardoPenders1982
  3. http://psclickpower.com/index.php?r=RicardoPenders1982
  4. http://30minutelist.com/index.php?r=RicardoPenders1982
  5. http://viralbuilder.com/index.php?r=RicardoPenders1982
  6. http://www.mycloakedlink.com/index.php?referid=RicardoPenders1982
  7. http://nomarketerleftbehind.com/index.php?r=RicardoPenders1982
  8. http://endlessadnetwork.com/index.php?r=RicardoPenders1982
  9. http://typageconnection.com/index.php?r=RicardoPenders1982
  10. http://www.instantcashflowfunnel.com/r/RicardoPenders1982/spage9.html
  11. http://mytrafficdownline.com/me/RicardoPenders1982
  12. http://www.leasedadspace.com/?aid=RicardoPenders1982
  13. http://cashinonbanners.com/?r=53213
  14. http://www.myinstantlistbuilder.com/index.php?r=RicardoPenders1982


All Paid Members need to sign up for the bonus sites as soon as possible because the bonus offers will NOT be there forever…

I’ve seen it before that some of you (even my elite members) are failing to signup for the bonus sites before we have reached the member limit for these bonuses and I really hate to see that you are missing out on the good stuff.

When I started to use Frank Salinas’s websites with InstantAds4Me we got the elite vip level transferred to 2 other sites which we can use in exactly the same way as InstantAds4Me and also earn 100% commission on every sale we make plus we also get co-foundership transferred and that’s really great to have. We don’t have to create all those sites ourselves, earn money and build our own lists so it saves us a lot of time and these sites work!

I really do hope that you now see how important it is to get your bonuses ASAP and at least get your membership activated…

You can always figure out what to do and setup your ads later but please get your membership setup at least..!!

Don’t forget to redeem your bonus codes on your bonus sites, you can do that by clicking on the left side menu item “Setup Ads” and then you’ll see it right in front of you where you put your bonus code.

Get Instant Access To $1,247.99 In FREE Advertising Now!

Can you give me your thoughts on this post in the comments below?

Or if you want to leave your feedback, and if you have questions just write it in the comments below, you can use the integrated WordPress comment system or one of the other options I provide for that… I promise that I will read every comment and reply every time here on my website if you use the integrated WordPress comment system and also if you use the Disqus Comment system because with that I’m sure that I see your message in my email inbox and here in my WordPress backoffice plus you’ll share your email address automatically so next time when I publish something new you’ll get an email sent to your inbox…

This process makes sure that you’ll get emails from me regularly and with that you’ll get familiar with me and receive tons of value sent to you for free, I know you you like that.

If you want and have a few seconds please scroll down to the footer of my website there you see the gold stars on the right side if you are on a desktop computer or in the middle on mobile… please click on the score you want to give me, I hope you’ll give me 5 stars that’s the ultimate score and motivates me to do even more for you guys and girls.






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  2. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Ricardo for about a week. I can honestly say that NO OTHER COURSE I have taken ever got me so far or helped me to understand that it is possible to integrate marketing the way that working with him has done.

    He is there when I have questions. He gets back to me in less than 24 hours. He answers any and all questions and has had an incredible amount of patience with me. I know of computers for searching, compiling information, filing it away, running Quicken and using some of Microsoft Office’s applications. I knew nothing about how to really integrate multiple sites to turn them into a system of complete communication and a financial machine.

    I do not believe you will find another program or a mentor so ready to help you anywhere, at any price.

    He has even taken my passion for improving medicine to heart, helping me to know how to organize my blog and FB pages toward that end. All the way from showing me how to find the best web names for SEO to showing me how to organize Posts and sections, as he has here. While still a work in progress, I never feel abandoned as I did in the past.

    I want to help as many people as I can to succeed in reaching for their dreams. This is the place I have set my anchor.

    Donald Berry, D.M.D.

    • WOW Donald, this comment really made my day! I feel humbled after reading all the kind words you wrote and I can’t thank you enough for leaving me such great feedback…

      I don’t even know what to say, I just don’t have the words to express how happy I am right now.

      I know that you’re thankful for what I teach but this is a whole lot more buddy, I just hope that we will keep working together and I really want you to be my next success story and show people proof of the progress you’re making…

      The cherry on the cake would be if we can show people that you’re profitable and start to generate an income online, I’m so fired up because I’ve seen the progress you’re making first hand and it’s awesome that you’re picking up all the technical stuff that runs in the background and that you’re learning to be a professional blogger.

      Blogging is for most people too complicated and if you have to hire a tech savvy coder for every little thing you want to do it’s gonna be expensive very fast so blogging is for many people out of reach or not something that one can learn in a short amount of time.

      But now that I’ve been busy teaching what I know to several people and especially you Donald, I know that with my help and your dedication that you’ve shown me I’m able to teach pro blogging to someone with absolutely no experience pretty quick.

      So again thanks for the feedback and I’m proud to have you in my networks buddy, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that we will work together long term and share some awesome stories with everyone else online… 😉

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