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Let’s Make You Some Money with IMSC RapidMailer…

Sean Donahoe just released a game changer as far as how to send email, get inboxed, and never have to worry about email delivery ever again…

It’s called IMSC Rapid Mailer.


IMSC Rapid Mailer Features:

  • Zero Monthly Fees Saves You a Fortune in Autoresponder Costs
  • Unrestricted Importing and Mailing for Full Control of Your Campaigns
  • Create Profitable Paid Mailing Lists Instantly (No one else does this!)
  • New Marketer Friendly, Ultra-Simple Set Up… Be Up and Running Fast!
  • Full Email Statistics & Click Tracking for Ultimate Campaign Tracking
  • It works inside WordPress so installation is point and click simple.
  • You can import your leads without double confirmation. (This means no FBI style interrogation, i.e., What was this lead looking at on Nov 3rd, 2010?)
  • Plus a ton more…

It works with “SMTP” services, so you don’t have to worry about the difficulty of setting up your own mail server and getting it to the inbox.

It’s all handled by the SMTP providers who give you quality setups on their side, so you can start inboxing right away. Plus, you can send for free or use a paid “pay-per-send” option which for most is actually less expensive than most autoresponder services.

You’ll want to move fast as Sean has this at the lowest price ever for the next few days. So grab it while you can, get your emails delivered, and know your list is permanently secured.


Key Benefits and Advantages

Sean has packed this amazing plugin with tons of features that even the big autoresponders cannot match… Here are just a few you can use for your blog reviews and promotions

  • The customer is able to switch easily between email providers or use their own host…
  • Instantly queue blog posts for syndication to your entire list in just a few clicks
  • You can charge for subscriptions to your mailing list for instant profits (Paypal or 2Checkout)
  • Import all existing site users into specific lists with a click. Great for membership sites…
  • Easily customize and import themes for branded mailing… Ultimate flexibility
  • Powerful importing of existing subscribers from any other Autoresponder in just a few clicks
  • Using the built in WordPress framework for increased security and reliability
  • Real-time “At-a-Glance” statistics and tracking of your email marketing campaigns
  • Integrated click tracking and shortlink support for rapid tracking of who clicks what…
  • Direct social media integration to increase viral spread for all your emails…
  • Offline version of any email for easy html viewing offline by the reader
  • Easy segmenting lists into groups for rapid management and sorting
  • Use Host, Gmail, or third party services like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandril, MailJet and more…
  • Easy double optin or single option configuration, no forced options here…
  • Simple integration into OptimizePress 2, Leadpages, ListRocket or any other system
  • Avoid expensive monthly fees and use your own hosts mailing capabilities
  • Full autoresponder setup and broadcast management, ready to go in a few clicks…
  • Quick, responsive dashboard shows you everything you need to know quickly…
  • Can be managed from your phone, tablet or desktop, email marketing on the go…
  • Create pre made “Content” templates for rapid creation of amazing emails


Below you can watch the Insider Sneak Peak Video – Plugin Demo


Sean also built-in a Hard Lock to Your Affiliate Links From Both Networks With the Propitiatory AffGuard Technology

Now you can pick your preferred network as we are launching on JVZoo and Clickbank at the same time to maximize your profits and make life easy for everyone…


The difference between ClickBank and JVZoo…

With Clickbank there is no approval process and any affiliate, anywhere can get started fast. Fast payouts direct to your bank account and 1-Click upsells to maximize your profits…


Just swap YOURCBID with your actual Clickbank User ID and use the link above to buy IMSC RapidMailer via ClickBank

To qualify for JVZoo instant payments you must have at least 50 sales in JVZoo. If you don’t, then use the ClickBank as it requires no approval…

Get the IMSC RapidMailer software via JVZoo without my special BONUS worth $485 here!

I highly recommend you to use my special bonus offer by clicking the image below… You even get another extra $40 discount on top of the bonus.

Not a ClickBank or JVZoo Affiliate/Seller/Vendor yet?

No problem… Simply click the ClickBank link here to open the page where you can create a new account now

The second way to promote is using the JVZoo platform and I personally prefer that because of the options that we won’t have with ClickBank… JVZoo however I recommend you to start using later when you have more experience because new affiliates will have the commission paid out with a delay to prevent issues with PayPal because of too much refunds etc. but I just wanted to give you the option to choose so it’s up to you.

Click here to create a new JVZoo Account now.

To use the JVZoo platform it is required for you to have an affiliate account and you need to be logged into your account before you open the RapidMailer JVZoo Affiliate Page where you can sign up to receive the vendor’s tools for affiliates to help you with your marketing efforts.





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Save a little bit of time and subscribe here without going to the next page…

The next page does exactly the same, it’s just another step. Make sure that you purchase your own software licence, you’ll be automatically redirected to the sales page after you sign up.


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