How To Write A Perfect Blog Post MicroTraining

Micro Training – Learn How To write A Perfect Blog Post.


If you do exactly the same as I did here, You will write a Perfect Blog Post that’s completely optimized for SEO and exactly what Google is looking for on a blog.

First of all I want to thank everyone that takes the time to write a comment on my website and all the positive reactions that I get from all of you.

That is really motivating and I never thought in my life that this will ever happen to me.

I’m very proud that I’ve so many followers asking me to please keep writing and that’s what I’ll keep doing guys don’t worry…

I also see that my whitepapers and micro trainings are helpful to you all and that motivated me to make this into a microtraining as well.

So…. Do you want to learn something today about professional blogging?

It’s very S.I.M.P.L.E to do really but for some of you it can be a bit of a challenge to begin writing about something. Especially if you just started a new business and you don’t have anything to write about.

Well, I can help you out with that also… writing blog posts or articles is a process and if you are having difficulties in the first 5 to 15 minutes actually getting started you can try to split the first part of your text in chunks where you just spend 5 minutes on every part…

This is the exact technique what you learn with Get Response if you sign up for the 90 day list building crash course. I don’t have it myself but I can imagine that it could be helpful to people with startup issues.




Are you excited to get into the nitty gritty stuff and learn today how a Perfect Blog Post is build up?

The next part is the most obvious that you have to do

  • Check if your images have the Alt Attribute Tag (used for keywords) DON’T GO CRAZY ON THIS! Use max 5!
  • Optimize the number of external links
  • Add proper Robots.txt file
  • Get some “Like it” clicks
  • Share your Page on Facebook
  • Share your page in all your status messages on your social media platforms all over the world
  • While these are the most obvious ones it doesn’t mean that most people actually know these things and what it’s for or what it does, therefore I’ll explain the things on the list to you.


If you add an image into WordPress you’ll see that you have 4 different text fields that you can use to add some text to it.

  1. Is the “Title” and that will not show up in your blog post it’s used by Google and it would be smart to add a title name that’s relevant to what you’re writing.
  2. Is the text field “Caption” and you don’t have to give this the same name as your title per sé, so you can play a little with this one if you want because you’ll get to see it in your blog post right beneath the image, it’s like a description for the image. (Most people recommend the same name as your title but I don’t always do that myself if I want to add a little description to an image)
  3. Is the “Alt Text” field and this is the one that is most important for you to use, this is the one used by the Google search bot and I recommend you to use Maximum 5 Keywords that are Relevant to the blog post you’re writing and use Keywords. NO Phrases!
  4. The last one is the “Description” field and this one will be visible on your blog post too if you hover with your mouse over the image. You can use this to add anything you want but I recommend you to add a Call-To-Action text. For example write “Click This Image To Find Out More” or something like that.




See, I’m blogging now for awhile now and 5 – 25 Leads Per Day is a reality because that’s what I’m getting today with my blog and I’m not using paid ad campaigns so my website traffic is mostly coming from the organic search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

In fact… my blog is THE most effective and cheapest way that keeps getting leads consistently day in, day out…

And because I’m getting more and more comments on my blog I’m getting the authority that I need automatically because  you are all asking me to write more, others say that they love my theme…

The colors that I’m using are easy on the eyes if you need to read very much and only that one little thing will get people to come back and stay longer on your website in the first place.

See, there are many ways to make a successful website with blog and all that and it’s very hard to get it exactly right.

Only thing that I can recommend to everyone is to come up with your own idea, your own color scheme and if you need to use a theme from someone else just play with the colors and make it your own. I don’t listen to anyone if it comes to styling and such, I’m creative myself and I don’t think that other people have the same vision as me and to prevent conflicts I do everything myself.

And I can tell you that it works! Why? Because you can see it if something is made by me or if I’m using someone else’s work and it’s the same with your followers. People know you if you just keep on blogging and put out a lot of content and you don’t even know it yourself…

but that’s good because people are gonna trust you more and more if you keep giving value.

To be successful with your blog the overall rule is to give 4 times and receive once… that’s the way that seems to work out for most people.


Below I’ve made a short list on how to write a Perfect Blog Post and how it’s build up.

  • Title (H1) tag.
  • Subtitle (H2 or H3) tag.
  • Image or Video.
  • Paragraphs (about 10 to 15 small ones).
  • Subtitle (H2 or H3) tag.
  • Image or Video.
  • Small Paragraph.
  • List or Bullet Points.
  • 5 small Paragraphs.
  • Image.
  • 10 small Paragraphs.
  • Subtitle (H4, H3 or H2) tag.
  • Paragraph.
  • Social Media Buttons For Easy Sharing.
  • Free offer and ask to support your blog by sharing it on social media.
  • Read the whole article again and highlight the most relevant words and phrases and hyperlink some to another internal page and to outside pages.



Please leave me your feedback in the comments below, I’m curious to know if you’re seeing results after writing your blog posts like this one.

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