How To Start an Ecommerce Business

Top 3 Ecommerce Platforms for 2017

If you’re launching an e-commerce platform in 2017, these are the top 3 platforms you’re going to want to consider as you build your online business.


Due to increasing competition and the growing demands of customers for ultra-convenience, e-commerce companies continue to innovate and deliver increasingly powerful features of their platforms. There are a few things to keep in mind.

In May 2016, Google disclosed that mobile has surpassed desktop in product searches. That fact put mobile commerce front and center of every e-commerce company and drove the focus of the mobile shopping experience. Simply put, if you’re not starting with a “mobile first” approach to your shopping experience, you are putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage from the start.


Starting an Ecommerce Business from Home without spending money?

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Please don’t even bother to start with the 14-Day Trial on Shopify if you can’t commit to this one requirement for success or use someone else’s link because I don’t want you to mess up my reputation just because you can’t even commit for only 14 very very long days of continuous learning and taking action.

However you want to start your own e-commerce business you should know that nothing is really for free because generally with all the free stuff you need to do more work on your part, a lot more work that is… And time is valuable, I know that my time is valuable and I don’t want to waste your time either.

In my eyes every hour you spend on building your business is one hour you’ll never get back so you need to spend your time wisely and focus on the right things so you can grow your customer base and start to sell your stuff as fast as possible, especially if you just starting out and make your first footsteps in the world of the internet marketing industry there are tons of different things you can choose and will be thrown at you from all sides at once.

It will be so much that everyone will get to the point that you’re overwhelmed, frustrated,  stuck on something that you can’t see how to break free from and you can go on trying to resolve your problems with little or no results to show for, your friends will try to talk you over to just get a “job” because it’s more secure, whatever the hell that means! If your boss doesn’t need you anymore he or she will fire your ass as soon as the first opportunity comes up and if you have a really nice boss you can be glad if they take the time to help you moving on to a new location, they don’t need to so don’t expect it okay!?


Now if you are okay with your job, working as a modern slave because that’s what it is… They will give you just enough money to keep you quiet for a month but they also make sure that you’ll have to come do the same thing over and over again, month after month, year after
a year with no end in sight, that’s modern slavery to me and a way to keep you stupid.

  • They have no interest in making your life better,
  • no interest to pay you more money unless you ask for it or work your ass off and be miserable while they are doing all the fun stuff,
  • this is your reality and don’t think things will change for the better anytime soon so if you’re waiting for someone else to do it for you need to get your shit together and wake up, WAKE UP!!!

Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way to success, money isn’t the problem for you to keep moving forward, you can trade your time You-get-a-job-so-you-can-afford-to-have-a-life.-But-thenand your experience and your knowledge with others and get other people to do things for you in return if you really have no money at all, I mean zero dollar so you can’t eat, drink or have a safe place to stay or a roof over your head.

I know because I’ve been there, twice! I lost everything I owned, my girlfriend, friends and what not, I know what it is to have a dad with no interest in me at all, in fact, I haven’t seen or talked to the guy in 5 or 6 years, he knows where I live, he knows my phone number he even has my Facebook profile but it never occurred to him to contact me or show any interest in my life whatsoever and this is hard for me and I struggle with that from time to time but I can’t make him do stuff he doesn’t want to do I don’t even want to because if you make people do things it’s not genuine and coming from their heart but that’s enough about me.

A perfect example is if you’re working a job for your boss, I’m pretty sure that most of you don’t even like the guy or gal, most of you never set a foot in his/her home and most of you don’t even know your boss on a personal level or see your boss on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, right? …. exactly.

Did you know?


Are you Job Searching/Secure/Satisfied?



This is what you need to do or get started with right now before it’s too late, now is the time you can secure your future!

You need to copy what your boss is doing or other entrepreneurs who have proven to be successful, use them as your source for information, use their knowledge, ask if they are interested in a partnership with you, maybe if you’re lucky you get them as a mentor, if they see the added value to their business by helping you forward they will not let that opportunity go to waste and you can bet your ass on that… You can always count on the fact that they want more, it’s their rush.

For starting businesses this is really important:

  • Keep everything as simple as possible, especially in the beginning
  • It’s probably best for you to automate as much as you can to be able to manage many tasks whole day, every day, by yourself
  • You need to make sure to have a way to follow up with your customers, that’s where the famous quote comes from “The money is in the list” so automated email marketing is key

One of the most important things while searching for an ecommerce solution is to be sure to check whether the platform will allow you to capitalize on the trends described here, you should also see that the selected e-commerce platform aligns with the projected needs and goals of your business.



Social Media and Mobile’s growing dominance

The growing dominance of mobile and social media shows no sign of slowing down. Using social and mobile platforms as vehicles to reach new customers and drive more sales is a critical aspect of any e-commerce platform in 2017 and beyond.

Social commerce was another trend that bloomed throughout the year. According to one study, social media influences buying decision of about 74% online shoppers. Plus, 60% of retailers who implemented social commerce said they gained new customers from different social networks. Social commerce delivers the ultimate in convenience by allowing customers to purchase directly from their preferred social media channels rather than having to exit to a separate shopping cart. This simplicity of integration will continue to grow and dominate in 2017.

Bottom line: While search engine optimization and great user experience design are important, today’s e-commerce platforms aim to capitalize upon mobile & social commerce trends.

In addition, the growing simplicity of these platforms is allowing new entrants with non-technical backgrounds. Keeping these trends and changing requirements of the modern ecommerce business in mind, I have identified the 3 best e-commerce platforms that are likely to serve a range of entrepreneurs (from individuals to established merchants) most effectively in 2017.



1. Shopify

Shopify hosts over 325,000 active online shops and with its focus on social commerce and mobile shopping, the platform continue to evolve to meet the growing requirements of online stores.

The Benefits of Shopify are:

  • Over 100 store templates (themes) to choose from
  • 1500+ apps (plugins/extensions) to extend the store’s functionality
  • Ability to connect your online store with your Facebook page and sell directly on Facebook
  • Built in mobile-friendly shopping cart and seller mobile apps (and Shopify provides a platform to connect store owners with app developers for the development of their store’s app)
  • 24/7 support via live chat, on the phone and tutorials as well as the Shopify community forum

Despite these advantages, there are some important downsides with the platform. First, if you don’t use Shopify Payment, there will be an additional transaction fee on every sale. Plus, many of the extensions for additional functionality aren’t free, so, running your store on Shopify might cost a little more than you expected. Lastly, Shopify has its own coding language called ‘Liquid’, so any customization in the system comes at an additional expense.

When is Shopify a good choice?

For beginners with conventional requirements, Shopify remains the ideal e-commerce solution. Based on your budget requirements, you can choose different packages which range from $29 to $299/month. But if you have unique features and functionalities in mind for your store, it might be better to look elsewhere.

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2. Magento

With almost one-fourth of the market share, Magento is often considered the market leader among eCommerce platforms. For its reliability and scalability, many popular brands use Magento as the underlying technology for their online stores, including Burger King, Huawei, Pepe Jeans & Liverpool F.C. This platform is considered the best eCommerce platform for enterprise level online stores.

The Benefits of Magento are:

  • Good user experience: easy to use and manage
  • Open source platform and therefore open to all sorts of customization
  • 9000+ plugins/extensions to scale your business
  • Free extensions that enable social commerce so you can sell on social media platforms
  • Extensive resource library for store management, growth, demos, and online community of store owners as well as plugin developers you can tap for help

One of the critical factors associated with Magento is the pricing of its versions. The basic Community version is free, while the advanced Enterprise version costs a minimum $20,000/year. Needless to say, the Community version is no match for the Enterprise version, which offers many built-in high-end features such as customer segmentation, a support module, 24/7 support and a much more.

Additionally, the flexible, open-source nature of the platform also makes it quite complex, so you need very competent developers for customization. So even with the Community version -considering hosting, SSL, extensions, customization, etc. – it will likely cost you significant time and money to get your e-commerce store exactly as you want it.

When is Magento the ideal solution?

Magento is considered the right ecommerce platform for enterprise-level merchants with a large volume of products. Given the complexity of store setup and management with Magento, the platform is not recommended for beginners.

don't stay stuck do better today


3. WooCommerce for WordPress

WooCommerce is the one that I’m personally using on my website where you can shop online for my own products and services directly from me, the website you’re on right now doesn’t have a shop area because of safety reasons however I do have over 1200 active products listed for every niche in the ClickBank Marketplace which you should check out too on both sites and will be expanded onto more sites in the future.

You just can’t deny the amount of traffic and conversions it generates passively without the need for any maintenance or user interaction at all, this is one of the few real passive income generators that will keep on working on all your WordPress sites forever.

Click the following link if you want more details about how you can Create Your Own ClickBank Marketplace in just a couple of mouse clicks fully automated and customized to fit your WordPress Theme (SiteOrigin Pro themes & plugins are highly recommended and probably the best you can find online anyway, in fact, there are many themes based on and using the actual SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin)

Combining SiteOrigin and WooCommerce gives you the ultimate experience both for the developer and user.

Unwind changes the rules when it comes to WooCommerce. We’re giving you loads of features that are typically only found premium WooCommerce themes. Watch The Video

Forever Free

Unwind is a completely free WordPress theme. We’ll continue developing and enhancing it for years to come.

WooCommerce Integration


Unwind is a full-featured WooCommerce theme. Use it to build your full online store with a stunning design and features like quick-view.

Lightning Fast Support

As an Unwind user, you’ll get fast, friendly support on our own support forums. You can also read through the Unwind documentation to get to know it even faster.

Enhanced by Page Builder

Unwind integrates, beautifully, with our free Page Builder plugin. This powerful plugin gives you full drag-and-drop capabilities right inside Unwind.

Developed on Github

Unwind is actively developed on Github. You can watch what’s happening with its development and even make contributions yourself.

It gives me peace of mind and I will sleep better to know that whenever you share any personal data such as credit card details you’ll see that you’re on a safe website in the address bar of your internet explorer, it should say; “Safeand the address bar should be green if you are on a secure page. Also, I will not save your credit card details anywhere on my site or server, those are safely saved on either PayPal or Stripe to ensure you that your personal details will be safe at all times and will be handled with care and will not be shared with any other 3rd party ever! (except of PayPal or Stripe of course) I will not send you any spam, however, you can expect an email from me on a weekly basis to a maximum of about 20 emails per week.

The Benefits of WooCommerce are:

  • The only one for WordPress giving you total control
  • Perfect user experience: easy install, use and manage
  • the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business
  • 10+ plugins/extensions to scale your business
  • Free and Paid extensions that enable an even better user experience, animated blocks, parallax sliders and much much more
  • Extensive resource library for store management, growth, demos, and online community of store owners as well as plugin developers you can tap for help


I really hope this was helpful and valuable to you and you learned something today if you read the whole blog post you’re a trooper and you need to know that I spend a lot of my time in writing all this information myself because I just don’t trust anyone else to post content for me… It’s not me and people who are familiar with my style personally said to me please never change your crazy fast and wicked way you share things because we wouldn’t have it otherwise, don’t forget that I need to create the email follow-ups, pushing myself to do things I couldn’t even dream off a year back and I really feel humbled and super proud at the same time if you read the whole blog post, that would be a great honor to me.

Feel free to leave your comments below, I would appreciate it very much if you take the time to write something in the comments and as a token of appreciation I will #GiveAway a valuable and personalized #BONUS on top of the secret I talked about earlier to all who use the native comment section of WordPress only. Social Media comments/shares will get something else.

Thank you so much.

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