How To Capture Leads on Websites You Don’t Own

Using the Floating Capture Form Simulator in The Rapid List Building System…

Makes it possible for you to capture leads on websites you don’t own in a few simple steps. I will show you where the floating capture form simulator feature is located in your backoffice in The Rapid List Building System and the steps you need to take to do this cool trick.

To do this it’s required to have your own domain setup for The Rapid List Building System and you must be upgraded to the premium membership because it’s an advanced feature and you can add as many subdomains which is necessary for this feature.

If you aren’t using The Rapid List Building System yet you can use the link to sign up for free and watch How The Rapid List Building System Generates Leads, the free version gives you the opportunity to see if fits your online business and if you like the system. You can always upgrade to premium later if you want and never have to pass up any leads, if you don’t mind passing up leads to me that’s ok but keep in mind that the next lead could be someone who pays for their membership and you’ll pass up that member to me.

Why it’s so important to use the floating capture form simulator?

Well, especially if you’re promoting products as an affiliate on ClickBank, JVZoo or anywhere else you normally get a link you can share online… This is very nice but what they don’t tell you is that whenever you sell that product you don’t get that lead signed up under you, the vendor of that product however will gain a new lead and that’s how they are able to contact that lead via email marketing and sell that person even more.

This is an unfair advantage for them because you’re doing all the hard work to promote that product but you can also tap into that option even if that person decides not to buy the product you’re promoting for them by adding your own floating capture form simulator on top of the affiliate page you normally get from the vendor.

By doing that you can capture someone’s email before they see the vendor’s page and get them on your own autoresponder and level the playing field for you.

Here’s the website link that I’m using in this tutorial >> <<

I highly recommend you to watch the videos below before you go on and read the rest of this blog post.

Capture Leads



Floating Capture Form



Floating Capture Form Simulator



Steps to take to use the floating capture form simulator

Locate and click the “floating capture form simulator” feature in your backoffice, you can see where to find it below.


This will open a new page with the first step as shown below.

Floating Capture Form Simulator Step 1

Now if you have an affiliate product that you promote enter the URL in the box and click the “Submit” button to go to the next step.

This will open the next page as you can see below, the only difference is that the URL is automatically generated and if you’re for example promote a product from JVZoo it will use ( but you can change that on this page. I’ve circled what you need to change in red.

Floating Capture Form Simulator Step 2

If you don’t have a floating capture form to select in step 4 shown in the image above simply click on the blue link to create one now after you saved the changes to this simulator.

That will open the next page as you can see below.

Floating Capture Form Simulator Step 3

I used the second option but you can also use option one it’s the same, but to rule out any issues use the second option and leave it as is and click on the “Go!” button to open the next page.

It’s important to change the Title in step one, to make it consistent I recommend to use the same title as you used before. In this case I changed it into ValueAddOn.

Next you need to change which Autoresponder is sent out when the survey is taken and if you want to add people to Your own list building system I highly recommend you to choose the 18 messages which are already done-for-you from Priceless Possibilities to position yourself as an expert.

And all other steps you can leave as is…

Floating Capture Form Simulator Step 4

If you’re done making changes click “Save Changes To Floating Capture Form” to go to the next step where you can change the content of your floating capture form as you can see below.

Floating Capture Form Simulator Step 5

Click “Save Changes and Move to the Next Step” when you’re done to open the next page.

To keep it simple and don’t distract people too much I recommend to keep it simple and don’t use any videos but only your form.

Floating Capture Form Simulator Step 6

Just click the green button to move to the next step where you can set the thank you page.

Floating Capture Form Simulator Step 7

Because you are using this floating capture form on an affiliate page it’s recommended to use the default thank you page because your lead will stay on the page you are promoting to them in the first place so you don’t have to change anything here just click to move to the last step.

Floating Capture Form Simulator Step 8

Here you can review your floating capture form and if you’re satisfied click the “Create Simulator” button to finish your floating capture page simulator.

Now when you click the floating capture form simulator in the menu you’ll see the same page as before but now you can click the blue button “Search My Simulators” to see the list of floating capture form simulators you created as you can see in the example below.

So next time you want to promote your affiliate product instead of sharing the URL you get from the vendor at JVZoo in my case here you share your own URL created in The Rapid List Building System which will show your floating capture form simulator on top of it so you’re able to capture that lead to your own lead generating system and send them your follow up even if they don’t buy the product that you are promoting.

Floating Capture Form Simulator Step 9

I hope this tutorial will help you to get more out of The Rapid List Building System you’re using and you start seeing the value of this system with all the different features to capture leads and I would appreciate it very much if you leave me a comment with your questions and / or feedback about the Floating Capture Form Simulator in the comment section… Thanks.

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