Here’s a 19 Point Checklist On Video that I found to get You on the #1 Google search page

Just watch the few videos below and you’ll get on the #1 Google Search Engine Results Page simply by taking action on the step-by-step 19 point checklist explained in the videos.

I managed to get a few links to my website on Google Search Engine Results Page #1 in just ONE weekend, in fact if you take action immediately after watching the instruction videos I know from my own experience that it’s possible to get your page ranked instantly.

This is Advanced SEO training.

But before you watch the next 3 short videos I want to ask you to click on the thumbs up button on the top right corner of the videos to help us get these videos ranked and please share my website url with your friends on social media that way you help get more people to see these videos.

Below you see the link to the YouTube Playlist of the following 3 videos.


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Video #1 – Dangerous Google SEO Company Tutorial ADVANCED. Google Page One Ranking Checklist

Video #2 – SEO Marketing Company Secrets for Google Baidu Naver Yahoo Japan

Video #3 – What’s the best most experienced SEO services company in New York San Diego London Los Angeles


I found even more about them using Google Search, they also work together with businesses and help to get the word out to the world and help to promote those businesses.

Because of the interview that I requested them to publish they only ask me to post the video below on my blog to support each other and I’m happy to do that because it’s the biggest company worldwide, related content and that what network marketing is all about really.

You can better use their free syndication service and only share a marketing video in return instead of some other free web listing directories that ask you to share links to some kind of online casino website that isn’t in any way related to your content and gambling websites are really NOT recommended to link to in the first place if you are serious about your business.

Web Offset Printing Company China USA Mexico France UK Tokyo Japan Hong Kong Seoul Korea


Blog+Social Media Marketing Alliance Time!

This is how it works. The company will promote your website from social media and their blog: https://manufacturers8china.wordpress.com/ 

Google Search and Baidu will notice. Then, you’ll get traffic from search engines.

And of course they need you to help us too. Make a link from your blog back to this website: http://sourcing-china.co/

Then, answer the form on the page here: http://sourcing-china.co/marketing-alliance/. They need 72 hours to return the favor and promote you too.

You can contact support via email directly here: xblogpr+SCma@gmail.com

That’s it…


This is what you’ll get from working with him for free

You’ll get your interview posted on his blog like the one he did for myself at: https://8practices.wordpress.com/2015/04/01/ricardo-penders-interview-httpsoharddbwarez-com/


Don’t forget to add your comment, for example I want to know your thoughts on email marketing…

Also I want to ask you to share my URL in your social media networks, it helps me to get this page ranked on Google Search and your effort would be very much appreciated.

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Ricardo Penders

Computers and Gadgets is what I'm really passionate about and because of my 20+ years of coding experience most technical stuff is easy for me to understand and I'm able to save a lot of time and money because of it but I didn't have any way to share that with people and pass on some of my knowledge.

That's why I started this blog... Coding and building websites is almost the same thing and I really love to experiment with code on my websites and share that with people online. This is how I started with Internet Marketing.

Now I'm teaching what I'm doing here on my website and would love to add your success story to my website.

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