Special training page to help you go from zero to hero with blogging

Establishing Your Blog as a Learning Center for Content Marketing Success

As content marketing further solidifies itself as an effective promotional tool, brands across all industries are adopting content marketing strategies to help gain more traffic, more leads and more sales. I assume that most of you understand the importance of publishing content which should be expected from most companies active in the internet marketing industry, right?

Well, unfortunately many companies are still using their blog as an extension of their product pages and use it as just another place to talk about themselves.



The key to driving content marketing success through blogging is by turning your blog into a learning center instead of using it as a depository for additional information about purchasing your products or services.

Much of content marketing is about building trust with your audience and establishing yourself as a leader within the industry.

In order to effectively reach your audience and build trust, you must break through the noise and help your audience by publishing high-quality educational and useful content, even better is to show them proof e.g. your customer testimonials if you have those available, adding Facebook share and like button and have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website is crucial so Facebook will work for you, not against you! (even if you're not using paid ads you must install the Facebook pixel)

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