New Website DIY Equipment Review

Today I created a New Website called DIY Equipment targeting the Do It Yourself Niche so I decided to write this review…

A couple months ago I purchased a lifetime membership at My Mobile Money Pages and because I had some issues with it I decided to put it on hold and every once in awhile I logged into my account to try again, it took months before I finally created a New Website >> << DIY Equipment with success and I’m very proud to show you today that I got everything working on auto pilot.


My Mobile Money Pages

If you want to see a short video explaining My Mobile Money Pages in detail please use the link that I’m providing below…

Click Here!

You can also scan this QR-Code if you’re on a mobile device to open the My Mobile Money Pages URL automatically…


It’s a ClickBank product and by using my link you’ll support me a little bit because this is my promotion link and I’ll earn a commission if you decide to buy the product yourself… And I’m using the money to keep my own business alive and healthy, I thought you should know. 😉


Necessary steps

To get everything working the right way using the My Mobile Money Pages System including keyword research, coming up with a new website title (DIY Equipment), setting up all the configurations, making new mobile apps and getting all the API’s connected took me about 5 hours in total but now I never have to look at it again and will continue to work automatically… The AM Content Cloner plugin for WordPress takes care of connecting all my affiliate memberships, fetching the content and it will post a new blog post every day using the keywords that I put on the list.

At the moment I don’t have many keywords that I’m targeting but after doing a little more research on Google Search alone and using the related keywords that Google gives me I now believe this website has the potential to generate a lot of traffic and earn me a residual income on complete autopilot so I’m pretty stoked to tell you about this.

So check it out at: DIY Equipment

The only downside of using the internal Site Builder is that I don’t own the domain and therefore I needed to build my site on a subdomain, I do have administrator rights and access to the WordPress backoffice and I’m able to change a lot… Not everything though but for this purpose of testing the My Mobile Money Pages System it’s ok and it doesn’t bother me at all.

The Site Builder does have an advanced option if you want to install the system on your own domain so it’s not obligated to build your site on their domain if you don’t like to use a subdomain but that’s optional.

In the backoffice or members page of My Mobile Money Pages are 9 steps in total but you only need to complete the first 5 to have your website completely running on autopilot… Step 6 doesn’t work anymore and is dated, the explainer videos are hosted on Screen-O-Matic and if you click on the play button or open the site directly you’ll see that the videos are removed so you can skip step 6 and forget about it.

Step 7, 8 and 9 are about link building and I don’t think that you need to do that and just complete the first 5 steps to get your website up and running that’s the main purpose of this system and it will work fine without doing all the link building stuff they recommend… There are better ways to do that ie. use the MEGA SEO Submitter and have it 100% automated.

What are the first 5 steps?

  1. What Do I Build My Mobile Money Page On?
  2. How Do I Build My Mobile Money Page
  3. How Do I Get Keywords For Content On My SiteYou will need to sign up for an amazon, clickbank and google adsense account. These are what will pay you money. You wont be able to sign up to amazon until you build your first

    site.. If you live in state where you cant be an affiliate of amazon then there are other options

    like adsense, shopzilla etc that you can use.

    Amazon US ==>

    Amazon UK ==>

    Clickbank ==>

    Google Adsense ==> ==>

    Yahoo application ID:


  4. How Do I Build My AM Content Cloner Campaigns
  5. How Do I Change The Design Of My Mobile Friendly Website


Every step has it’s own video to explain you what you need to do, you can download the videos to be able to play them without an internet connection and on your own media player if you want and in total you’ll have to go through 20 minutes of video.

To give you an idea of what to expect I’ve uploaded the first video to my Wistia account for you so you can watch it right now here on my blog.


Please let me know what you think of my new website and if you like the My Mobile Money Pages System too in the comment section below…

I appreciate your feedback very much and I promise to read each and every one.


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