Before you use the form to contact me you need to know that my time is just as valuable as yours and I don't want to waste anybody's time, therefore I am very strict about who should use this form and who doesn't.

Only if it's about your product or service that you purchased from me and you need support for it, businesses and serious entrepreneurs who are looking for a business partner, if you want to guest blog on my website or want a complete page dedicated to your business or any other kind of marketing for your business and need help with from me... that's all ok and you may use the form below to contact me about that.

Please give me as much information possible, be clear about the details and be specific so that I don't have to waste my time searching for everything and with that I can help you in the best possible way.

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Feel free to also contact me on Facebook or Google Hangouts - I'm there most of the time and I get your message on my phone so you'll probably get a faster response 🙂

vCita LiveSite

Using the vCita LiveSite Online Scheduling/Messaging/Sharing/Payment Service opens a secure lightbox on my website. Also your message doesn't go to my private email inbox it will be delivered in my Gmail inbox instead so if it's important to you to keep the message between you and me only I recommend you to use the form on this page because it doesn't require a third-party service. Whatever you prefer to use for contacting me you don't go off my website except for the "Go to My Public Profile Page" button, I don't use popups and I don't use anything that opens a new tab or window if you use one the contact forms here on this page so if that happens you need to use the other form or come back later and try again to guarantee your privacy. 

You can use the buttons below to contact me via vCita.

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