CloudFlare caching via reverse proxy

CloudFlare caching via reverse proxy isn’t gonna be for everyone…

And after I’ve tried to setup the service several times which resulted in my website being very slow at first and completely offline for 48 hours after that and that’s not what I wanted to happen, I couldn’t even get into my back office anymore and if I wanted to open a blog post on my own computer the CloudFlare caching service via reverse proxy didn’t let me load the blog posts.

Watch this 3:50 min SHORT VIDEO on how to optimize our service.

You will learn about:

  • CloudFlare Settings Overview
  • Optimizing Security: adjusting your security level
  • Optimizing Performance: setting your cache level and enabling auto-minify (HTML,CSS,JS)
  • Fine-tuning Caching: adding Page Rules

If you hit any speed bumps get in touch with us here (https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).

Fiddling around with CloudFlare also resulted in my email software on my website not sending out any emails after I changed my DNS server addresses at my domain name registrar Namecheap as suggested from CloudFlare… Why this happened to me is because CloudFlare is only redirecting the www.? domain to the CloudFlare caching servers via reverse proxy and my site has always been setup to NOT use the www. and this is conflicting with my custom configuration and only use my domain as http://soharddbwarez.com.

And on top of all these issues I was already experiencing my visual editor the “TinyMCE-Plugin” in my WordPress back office has stopped working everywhere and it’s costing me more time to write new pages, blog posts and I’ve got a few other places where normally the visual editor would be used so I’m not gonna be able to change those areas anymore until my “TinyMCE-Plugin” starts working again… This is very frustrating because I’ve had the same thing happen to me before because of a JavaScript conflicting with the visual editor but now it’s not the old issue and obligates me to write a support ticket again.

A simple sketch how CloudFlare works


So you can see that I highly recommend you to check out if you’re using your website in the same way as I’m doing (without www.) and if you do I DON’T recommend you to use CloudFlare caching via reverse proxy because it’s gonna be conflicting with your customized settings for your site resulting in half of your website not working as it should be and costing you a lot of time to figure out the correct settings for CloudFlare to get it working for your website properly.

The choice that I made for my website is to reverse all settings and use the standard DNS server addresses for my hosting again… The only thing what you will see because I’m not using any caching anymore, is that you’ll have to wait a little longer to load times when using any of my website’s URLs. I’m choosing for this compromise and fix it at a later point if my site’s loading times are really gonna be problematic for most people and do it in a different way by just getting another hosting package using a dedicated server instead of the shared resources to host my website.

I believe that speeding up my website by buying a better hosting package using dedicated servers is by far a better way to do it so I’m not gonna be fiddling around with CloudFlare caching via reverse proxy anymore and wait a little more until I’m getting more members complaining about my site not loading fast enough.

I hope this information is somewhat helpful to you and helps you making the choice to use CloudFlare caching via reverse proxy for your website(s)… Please let me know by leaving me your comment below, I will read every single one and would appreciate it very much.

Below I’ve put a more in depth video about CloudFlare

Source: Eli the Computer Guy

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