Step-By-Step ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Guide for WordPress

Pure Value in this blog post

I’m gonna share with you and show you exactly,

  • The strategy how I’m monetizing this blog post
  • How I’m building a subscriber list in several ways on this blog post
  • I decided to write you a Step-By-Step ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Guide for WordPress here in this blog post (you need to login to your account to get access to the full content)
  • I also provide you all the resources and links to download the right crucial parts
  • This will help you and teach you how you can do Affiliate Marketing with ClickBank the right way, get it fully Automated and Integrated on your WordPress website.

Before I get into the details I want you to know that this will be members only content and you do need to have an account and logged into the member area to get access, this is how I get people on my email list so if you now look back at what I just did…

Can you tell me how many things I already did specifically for marketing from the text above and the title, and could you tell me what you think what those things are?

I give you a hint, you should see that I’ve implemented 4 distinct elements already. I would love to see what you think you recognize in the comments below… Thanks!

I will give you the right answer in the members only area below and leave you to think about your answer for a minute



Here are to my opinion, the best ClickBank Marketplace Features listed

  1. Full ClickBank Marketplace import of Products and Categories
  2. ClickBank Product and Category updates at the click of a button
  3. Customize your ClickBank Product Descriptions to remove affiliate marketing information and provide unique content to your Marketplace. These descriptions will not be affected by your update
  4. Select ClickBank products to promote by restricting ClickBank categories or by creating your own custom products list
  5. Add Custom Products from other Affiliate systems directly into your Marketplace or Custom List
  6. Add Custom Categories to create your own MarketPlace Structure or add custom categories to the ClickBank Category Structure
  7. Give the user your own customized search and navigation options
  8. Licensing allows for installation on multiple sites, as long as you use the same ClickBank ID and receipt number

CBPRESS for WordPress

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to import the entire ClickBank Marketplace into your WordPress Blog. You have full control over what products show up on your website from the CBPRESS admin control panel.

 The exact details of the step by step instructions you can read that below in the member area after you login

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