Binary Options Discontinued on FX Choice

Because I’m an Introducing Broker for FX Choice…

I wanted to share the latest news that FX Choice decided to stop with providing the Binary Options and this has some implications if you have an account that still holds money.

It’s important that you login to your “my FX Choice Back Office” or use the same link to get one now if you want to Start Trading Forex and transfer the money over to another account so you don’t have to pay any fee or lose some more because you live in another country as the US and don’t use Dollars but Euro’s for example.

Here’s the email that I received this week:

FX Choice
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Dear Ricardo Penders,We would like to inform you that starting from July 9th we will stop offering Binary options.

On July 10th, we will automatically transfer funds(if any) from your binary options trading accounts to FX Choice Wallets. You will then be able to withdraw your funds, or transfer them to your forex accounts.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Customer Support Team.

Kind regards,
FX Choice Limited

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Email: info@myfxchoice.com

Tel.: +501 227 27 32

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