Ricardo Penders, CEO

_SoHarD_dB_w@®Ez_ - The Rapid List Building System - Vendorport.biz

Date of Birth - September 4 - 1982

Location - Netherlands - Limburg - Brunssum 6443CC - Rumpenerstraat 153

Contact - ricardopenders@soharddbwarez.com - support@soharddbwarez.com

Phone - +316 52772198

Because of the struggles in his life from early on Ricardo was obligated to grow up very fast and always had to fight for everything that he accomplished and because of that he's a very driven but focussed person if he sets his mind to a certain goal, if it has something to do with computers he will never give up...

Computers run software and the 20+ years of experience that Ricardo teached himself because he knows that there's always something to be optimized and nothing is impossible if you can write code...

It's really a hobby that got out of control and enabled him to start building an online business because it's exactly his passion and hobby and with his technical background he was able to be successful in a very short amount of time and today he's still growing his online empire and teaching the working strategies that he finds to be working for himself to other people...

After multiple tests with different people he can get people's website URL's ranked at #1 Google SERP's in a couple of hours in all niches and the specific keywords or phrases that he will optimize for SEO organic search results...

If you want to read more you can use the link to go to the Home Page | Blog where you'll discover everything that you need to start your own online business, and by using The Rapid List Building System you can start building a solid foundation for your network marketing business within a couple of hours and by just following the steps in the training that he provides you'll start to see that you're getting results quickly.



Entrepreneur and very dedicated to coach you and other business owners to be successful with your online and offline marketing strategies.

Because I'm having success with several strategies to sell the products that I'm promoting and building a huge list of subscribers, I'm able to pass my knowledge over to you...

I'll teach you how to implement the systems that I'm using to your own website so that you have the exact same options to reach out to people and teach the thing that you learn from me and at the same time you have the option to sell the services & products that come with it. Simple!

I can customize pretty much every device you can think of, if it's flashable I can figure out how to customize it because I can use my backwards engineering skills to figure out how the device and software on it works.

Now I'm an entrepreneur and coaching you and other people and business owners how to be successful with your online marketing strategies I have learned the struggles and hurdles you have to overcome and therefore I want to help you so you don't have that anymore...

This saves you a lot of time and money and I want to save you from making the wrong choices to invest in "shiny objects"

There are a lot of affiliate programs that don't help you at all but there are enough that are very good and actually do help you to build your business and I have more than enough in my resources to help you to grow your business, whatever you choose on my website.

One of the products with the option that you can start as a distributor and sell VStream TV to your customers, you'll get a hefty discount because you buy the products in bulk and if you're a pro member you'll get the product for half the price that people normally pay for it.




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