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Microsoft Dynamics App for Hootsuite

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Hootsuite, you now have the ability to enrich your leads data with social information from Hootsuite. You’ll not only be able to create leads, opportunities, or cases based on social media conversations, but you can also add notes and log all social activities to document your engagement with your customers.

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Salesforce App for Hootsuite

The popular CRM system is now available in Hootsuite. The Salesforce app provides the ability to search and view details and activities for leads, contacts, and other Salesforce entities, all from the Hootsuite dashboard. You can create new leads in Salesforce from social profile data in Hootsuite, in addition to searching for and adding social data to existing leads or contact records. Salesforce Cases are also supported, providing the ability to search existing cases and add social conversations or create new cases from social messages in the Hootsuite dashboard.

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HipChat App for Hootsuite

HipChat provides group and private chat, file sharing, and integrations to other market leading platforms. HipChat for Hootsuite allows users to send Twitter and Facebook messages to HipChat Rooms so teams can collaborate internally, and engage more effectively with social media.

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Microsoft Office365 Sharepoint App for Hootsuite

With SharePoint for Hootsuite, you can now collaborate with your SharePoint teams from within the Hootsuite dashboard. You can share relevant social insights, reach out to subject matter experts, and share social content with your colleagues in just a couple of minutes.

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Microsoft Office365 Yammer App for Hootsuite

Yammer for Hootsuite makes it easy to collaborate with your team over customer interactions that happen on social. You can take your social conversations into Yammer and discuss internally—before deciding on the best approach to take with your customers.

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Geopiq for Twitter

Monitor posts on Twitter by location, keywords, language or username, or combine your search terms for powerful targeting. The Geopiq for Twitter app in Hootsuite allows you to monitor and engage with users that are posting in your area, or an area you choose to follow. Great for events to see what is being posted, by who, and to engage with them. Make use of Hootsuite collaboration tools via assignments, and so much more. The Geopiq for Twitter app gives the social media manager the tools they need to monitor locations and more on Twitter from within Hootsuite.

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Insightpool, the Predictive Word of Mouth Marketing Suite, is revolutionizing word of mouth marketing through data powered social solutions. Insightpool’s data science and insights drive effective consumer targeting, messaging and activation at scale that drives real ROI. Using the Insightpool platform within Hootsuite provides a single interface for you to proactively start, listen and monitor your social mentions and to make real-time, informed decisions and take action on them.

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Tailwind for Pinterest

The Tailwind app for Hootsuite allows you to create new Pins, schedule drafts for later, or Pin to multiple boards at once—all from within your Hootsuite dashboard.

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TrendSpottr for Instagram

TrendSpottr for Instagram lets you find top trending photos, videos and influencers for any tag or topic. Discover what's trending about your brand, industry or campaign. Engage with key influencers, view trending hashtags, select from a list of popular tags and easily share trending posts to your social networks. TrendSpottr for Instagram is perfect for brands, marketers, and community managers who want to discover and engage with viral content, real-time trends and top influencers on Instagram.

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