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Posted by Ricardo Penders on Sunday, February 28, 2016

I wish that I could go on holiday right now to Playa de las Americas in Tenerife where I got these pictures made...I...

Posted by Ricardo Penders on Friday, March 18, 2016

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What other people are saying about me and my Online Business:

Hey I would appreciate it very much if you write me a little Testimonial or Feedback that I can add here in this section on my home page, I'll link the message back to your website for free... Google will see that and this Instantly Boosts Your Organic Google Rankings because I have a High Domain Authority level and High Page Authority level and it's a 'dofollow' link that will send my Link Juice to your URL so it will be greatly beneficial to you... Use the blue contact button on the bottom right and use the subject line 'Testimonial' or 'Feedback' and send me a message or just email it to my inbox with the same subject line and I'll add your testimonial to the section below within a day or so... Thanks!

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This is from a comment in the Google+ community of _SoHarD_dB_w@®Ez_ it's about MillionLeadsForFree.

Don said:

"These are just estimates (not tracking properly)..when I first started I was just using swipe copy emails with links and was getting 1 to 3 signups in one of my businesses every 25,000 contacts (5,000 contacts each day for 5 days). Then the training video you provided that showed it was more effective to use a banner ad instead, I have been getting 1 to 3 sign ups every 10,000 contacts.emailed."

RE: Thanks Don, I appreciate your time invested in talking to me personally and you know that I will keep you warm and updated with the latest stuff. I love to have you in my circles because I know you got my back and vice versa... ;)

A personal thank you from Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter

RE: I'm really proud to show off with this one! So I sincerely want to thank you Gary for taking the time to shoot me your video message... You ROCK!! 

Bart B said:

"Technical expertise? Check!
Friendly person? Check!
Trustworthy? Yes!!!
All systems go!!!"

RE: WOW... Bart, thank you very much for writing this review and giving me the 5 stars... You really made my day look a little brighter for me, I can't thank you enough for this and I feel humbled that you took the time reading my blog and being active in my community and writing me this awesome review.

John Docherty said:

"I have been good friend with Ricardo Penders for a while now since November/December of 2014 we now currently work together within the online internet marketing scene he is a great coach and has an excellent friendly a professional attitude when it comes to business i highly recommend this guy and the services he provides"

RE: Thanks for this review John, it is very much appreciated and I'm very proud to have a leader like you on my side and actively participating in my community, discussion group/forum & Facebook groups and Pages.

I'm proud that we work together on our blogs, implementing things you couldn't imagine possible before... Now that I'm also learning WordPress Development and HTML coding and JavaScript, all my previous coding skills from the last 20 years are refreshed... Saves me a lot of time and money and you can leverage my knowledge and my networks just by connecting to me. Read full comment.

John Said:

"I have known Ricardo now for just around a year. We met online through mutual acquaintances. Getting to know Ricardo and working with him has worked as a great benefit both ways. I have introduced him to things I have knowledge that have helped his business. His knowledge and professional conduct have been exceptional. He has shown me things and worked with me to create results that work. The benefit to my business has been enormous.

I sincerely believe that continued business will be of big benefit to our company. Anyone who decides to work with Ricardo will be making a very worthwhile investment of their time and money. Great success is inevitable as a result.

John W.R. Jansen CEO JAJ Digital Marketing Inc."

RE: Thanks for sending in your testimonial John, we did spend a substantial amount of hours on Skype using video call that's for sure... I really love to do these personal coaching sessions because it's the only way that I see people making the most progress in the least amount of time and the results that you had with your blog were instantly. I'm proud that I can say that we managed to get you on the #1 spot on the organic google search results page right after you made the changes on your website which I recommended and helped you to get setup, and your testimonial is the cherry on top so I can't thank you enough for this John. :)

Jayson said:

"In my country, I am already regarded as a mentor by online money-makers.. the likes of people able to buy real estate properties as a result of implementing my training about working from home, others having grown their social media following from scratch, and one who is able to get featured by the 700 Club Asia! So I believe I am already aware about the quality of information and resources related to this field, and I am quite impressed by the wealth available in soharddbwarez.com.. what you have here are more valuable than some of the materials I have paid for! Thanks, Ricardo, for creating such a resource!"

RE: Thank you for responding and taking action right away Jayson it's really appreciated here and an honor for me to see all the great results and positive feedback after connecting to me personally. By writing this testimonial you make it a win-win for everybody, you gain more laser-targeted traffic, leads, sales and like-minded well established internet marketing people by using my networks and by doing that I will gain a little bit authority and trust for people who see my page for the first time. 

Donald Berry said:

I have learned so much about marketing and even computer maintenance and security in just an amazingly short period that it boggles my mind. Ricardo and I work out plans, structure my approaches and deal with tech problems as they arise.

I haven't had the time to learn WHERE I need to go go for information but he tells me in seconds. His eidetic memory astounds me every time I ask for help.

He has truly taken my future plans to heart, assisting me in both creating a strong financial internet strategy and a Integrative Medical Solutions planning strategy. He helped me research that that particular name for my soon-to-be published site was a strong one for public presentation and therefore growth.

I can only express immense gratitude for his persistence and patience as I try to learn so much; as well as the experienced guidance he has given to me.

This involvement is everything I have only dared to hope I would ever find.

RE: Thank you from the bottom of my heart buddy, I really believe that you will be my biggest success story and your website is already ranking on the first page for some keywords and you haven't even published anything yet, I hope to get that done with you together tomorrow but it's already looking very promising for you... With me linking to your blog from my home page will give you a boost to rank #1 even faster that's my gift to you for writing me this awesome testimonial.

Can't thank you enough for this,

Ricardo Penders CEO

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